What’s new on Pixieset | May 2022 Updates

Discover new features and options that we’ve added into Pixieset. Daily, we work towards equipping photographers worldwide with intuitive and beautiful tools, and empowering them to run their business online. Spring was rich in new features for Pixieset. Our team implemented updates into Client Gallery, Studio Manager, and Pixieset Website. You may have learned about some of them on our social channels, while other features are more behind-the-scenes but equally important.

Watch a quick video to find out what’s new on Pixieset this month, then scroll through the article for useful links and resources.

Client Gallery updates

New styling options for Client Gallery

Say hello to new fonts, colors, and cover designs for Client Gallery. These will help you offer a more tailored experience to each customer, and elevate the way your work is presented. We’ve introduced 6 new curated font options, 9 soft yet rich color palettes, as well as 7 new cover styles, to help you make your galleries more personal and impactful while providing an immersive experience for your clients.

Log into your dashboard, open a collection, go into Settings > Design and get creative customizing your gallery. You can also create a Collection Default with your preferred styling options and have them automatically applied to a future gallery.

Studio Manager updates

Quotes for Studio Manager

A quote is a document you send to prospective clients, to confirm and share your services and pricing, prior to sending an invoice or contract. This serves as a great opportunity to build a relationship with your customers, even before they commit to working with you.

Present your offerings and pricing, allow clients to select from packages, and enable customers to purchase-add-ons. You can also create invoices from accepted quotes. So easy and convenient!

To build your first Quote, head to your Studio Manager Dashboard > Quotes and click the Create Quote button.

PayPal payments for Studio Manager

You can now start accepting invoice payments through PayPal. Offer your customers more payment options to choose from, allowing them to pick their preferred and most convenient one. Get paid faster, while your clients enjoy a smooth process with you.

Add PayPal inside Studio Manager through your Dashboard > Settings > Payments, and enable it as a payment method for any draft or new invoices moving forward.

Export your invoice payments

If you’d like to get a detailed overview of your past transactions, or need to report taxes - you can use the “Export” option on your Payments page, to download a breakdown of your invoice payments.

Go to Studio Manager Dashboard > Payments, and click Export. This will compile all your transactions into a CSV file download, which you can open inside a spreadsheet. The file includes such details as client name, email, payment method, the amount paid, currency, transaction date, and more.

Pixieset Website updates

New website theme - Montréal

Montréal is a warm, playful theme for active photographers. Whether you photograph portraits, weddings, elopements, landscape, travel, families, or lifestyle work - Montréal layouts will suit you perfectly. From a breathtaking Home & About page to a layout for sharing your Experience and Travel plans. This theme allows you to build impactful pages, focused on sharing stories and adventures.

Apply Montréal on your website easily, by going into your Website dashboard > Design > Change Theme > Apply Montréal. If you use a different Pixieset theme, your content will transfer over smoothly. Here’s a quick tutorial.

If you’re new to Pixieset, all you have to do is sign up for a free account at, open the website dashboard, go into the Design tab and apply the Montréal theme. Its pages will be installed just like on the demo site, and you can go ahead and start adding your own content. Here’s a guide on how to get started with Pixieset Website.

Head over to your Pixieset dashboard to discover all these amazing features and let us know your favorite. If you’re new to the platform, sign up with a free account to start exploring all Pixieset tools for your photography business.

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