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Albert Roig Collell | The truth behind the photography industry

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Nadia Meli
January 6, 2023

Welcome to a new episode of the OpenFrame podcast! Today's guest is Albert Roig Collell, the Founder and CEO of Carmencita Film Lab, one of Europe's premier indie film labs located in Barcelona, Spain.

Thousands of images pass through Albert’s hands daily, so his perspective on the photography ecosystem is quite unique and valuable. Moreover, he has the chance to see how the upcoming generations approach photography, what captures their attention, and even how they model the world through their creative work. 

This honest conversation is all about the unspoken struggle and reality behind doing photography or anything else that comes from a place of passion. In this episode, Albert challenges the status quo on many levels and brings to the surface truths that are uncomfortable yet necessary for the entire community.Placing himself at the intersection of taking photos and doing business allows him to succeed at looking at the industry from a different angle. 

In a world where social media exists, and everyone tries to be a role model, it is easy to think that you can copy others' journeys and make a living out of your craft. In reality, things are far more complex and full of ups and downs. Knowing that the path is not a straight line can help you make the right decisions. Albert would have loved to know this ten years ago when he started his photography work, because it would have helped him save a lot of time, energy, and money.

Here are some of our favorite moments of truth from this interview with Albert Roig Collell: 

  • Many well-known photographers don’t earn money by doing the photography they love. They take on other projects and photography jobs that don’t necessarily get posted online or shared on their website. Doing what you love or having a famous name does always pay the bills. 
  • We need more transparency and honesty within the industry. This way, the next generations will have enough context to make the best decision for them and not be disillusioned because they can't make it work.
  • Luck is part of the game, and we should talk more often about it. Hard work is mandatory, yet being at the right time, with the right people, for the right reason, plays a massive role in your growth and success. 
  • Wedding photography is not all photography. There is so much more out there, so many niches, and ways of doing this creative work — make sure to explore and expand your photographic horizon.
  • Learn to avoid the need for approval from others, focus on your values. Some random photos of yours will go viral and capture a lot of attention, while other photos that you’re most proud of, that feel like art, will get lost in the cracks. As long as you know why you do what you do and stay true to yourself, the external voices will no longer matter.

Besides these insightful ideas, Albert brings a fresh perspective around a hot topic that keeps us busy: what is art? He thinks it needs to be intentional and leave room for others to explore and see how far it gets them. Ultimately, art is really in the eye of the viewer. A photo becomes art if for someone else, it's of value and carries a meaning, even if the next person doesn't share the same opinion. 

We hope this conversation made you feel less alone and widened your view of what art means and how social media can be misleading in terms of how other photographers make a successful living. If you want to discover more and expand your photographic vision, you can follow Albert Roig Collell and Carmencita Film Lab on Instagram and their website

Also thank you to the lovely Nadia Meli, who hosted today’s episode. Follow Nadia’s work on Instagram and her website

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Nadia Meli
January 6, 2023

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