September 12th, 2019

New! Website Updates

Add Facebook Pixel and Custom Header/Footer Code, enable Cookie Banner, upload Social Share Image, and more.

Our most recent updates are here to make your website building experience just a little bit easier. Here are a few of the improvements we’ve recently made.

Facebook Pixel

Add a Facebook Pixel to your site to track and improve ad campaigns. Simply paste in your Facebook Pixel ID under Settings > Tracking & Analytics, and you're all set. Learn more

Custom Header and Footer Code

Use the Custom Header and Footer code field to add code snippets that you want applied across the site. This option can be found under Settings > Advanced Settings. Learn more

Social Sharing Image

When sharing your website (like on Facebook or Twitter), control the image that accompanies your link. You can set a social image for your entire site, as well as for each individual page. Learn more

Cookie Banner

You can now add a cookie consent banner if required to ensure your site's compliance. Head over to Settings > Tracking & Analytics to enable this option. Learn more.

Hide a specific page from search engines

Prevent individual pages and blog posts from appearing in search engine results. By toggling on this feature (located in your page settings), the page or blog post will not be indexed by google.

Simplified page visibility options

With Page Visibility, quickly change each page's status between online, offline, and password protected. Update your page visibility any time from your page settings.

Adjust focal point for slider blocks

When using a photo slider or carousel image block, you can now set a focal point when auto-crop is turned on. This allows you to customize how your images are being cropped within the slider. To adjust the focal point, select manage photos and click the focal point icon on top of each thumbnail.

Quick access to view blog posts

A permanent view blog button has been added to the blogging tab, making it easier to view your published blog. New blogs are now published directly through the post settings, improving the drafting, publishing, and reviewing process.

Easier access to your website link

A permanent link to your published site is now available directly below the publish button, providing you with quick access to your live site at any time.

New look for site settings

The site settings tab received an overhaul to improve navigation. Your website settings are now separated into six dedicated categories, and includes a new home for blog settings.

Have ideas for more improvements we can make? Many features just like these come directly from customer feedback. Send us a note to share yours.

- The Pixieset Team