All-New Font Themes | Personalize Your Fonts To Match Your Brand ⚡️

New Designer Font Themes

The Pixieset website builder is designed to make creating a website fun and easy. Today, we are excited to announce all-new typography options and tools that make it easier than ever to personalize your Pixieset website.
Explore new designer font themes, advanced styling and customization options, and our expanded font catalogue to further personalize your brand's identity.

All-New Font Options For Your Website

01. Premium Typography Options

Our typography engine has been re-imagined from the ground up to support an all-new selection of fonts. Crafted by our world-class designers, 40 new Font Themes are now available across all of our website themes. After selecting the Font Theme that suits your brand, effortlessly adjust the size of your fonts in a single click with the introduction of our new Font Size feature.

02. Design Like The Pros

Further customizing your typography to match your brand’s style has never been easier with our powerful font theme editor. In a few clicks, fully transform the family, weight, style, size, line height, and letter spacing of your typography system, bringing your own personalized font theme to life. With in-depth customization options, there are endless possibilities to make your site stand out.

03. Fonts For Every Style

Looking for something specific? Our new typography catalogue contains over 1,000 unique font families, offering font options for every style. We take care of all the hosting and optimization, making it quick and easy to update your site's fonts at any time.

Get started with fonts


Try out the new font options by going to your Website dashboard > Design > Font Theme. Choose from any of the new font themes and click Edit to further customize the fonts. For an in-depth guide, check out our help article on changing fonts here.


No problem, get started on your website today for free. Check out our getting started guide for Pixieset Website here.

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