New Australian Print Lab Atkins Pro + Pixieset

We are pleased to introduce the addition of Atkins Pro from Australia to our family of integrated lab partners. Starting today, you can choose Atkins Pro for automatic print fulfillment in Australia and New Zealand with the all-new Store.

Located in South Australia, Atkins Pro is a family business that has been printing for photographers since 1936. Today, owners Kate and Paul Atkins are committed to creating high quality, heirloom products that will last a lifetime.

Atkins Products in the Pixieset Store

You can now take your product offerings to the next level with these unique, beautifully handmade products.

Traditional & Fine Art Prints

Deckled Edge Prints

Gallery frames

Framed Handmade Prints

Canvas Wrap

School Map Canvas

Float Frame

Framed Deckled Print

Getting Started with Atkins Pro

Create a new price sheet

Go to your Dashboard > Store > Products and create a new price sheet. Then, simply assign the new price sheet to your collections and you are good to go!

New to store?

You will need to setup your Store in order to sell. You can follow the steps here: Setting Up Store.

Looking to sell on your Pixieset Website?

You can create a link from your website to a gallery to sell, follow this guide for more detail: Can I sell products on my Pixieset Website? The integrated solution for selling directly on your website is currently in the works. Keep an eye out of our updates on this front.

Learn more about Atkins Pro + Pixieset

What's New with Store

  • New acrylic prints are now available for WHCC and ProDPI.
  • New no image required option added for self-fulfilled items
  • New option to show or hide quick buy section
  • Lots of bug fixes and optimization

We want to take this opportunity to thank our users for all the amazing feedback we have received since Store launched. Our team is continuing to work hard on new features and will have some more exciting announcements in the coming weeks.

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