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5 marketing ideas to sell photo albums to clients

Whether you photograph weddings, families, maternity or newborn sessions, these are all important life events that your clients will want to preserve in a beautiful photo album. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, because they haven’t considered the idea yet or it goes over their budget. In this article, we’re sharing 5 effective ways to promote and sell photo albums to clients, in an elegant, subtle way. If you use Pixieset to deliver your photos and sell prints, we’ve also included instructions on how to implement these tactics into your workflow. Enjoy!

#1. Include albums into your photography packages

Consider integrating a professionally printed album as a default option inside your photography packages, especially those where clients are likely to print their photos. By doing so, you guarantee that each client walks away with beautiful memories, both in a digital and printed format. Also, since the album cost is included into the photography package upfront, your clients won’t feel any financial burden after their session. They get to enjoy their photos and album together with their family.

The workflow inside Pixieset: To order an album, your client will require Store credit. As they've already paid for the album in their photography package, you can provide this credit through a gift card. Check our tutorial on how to determine the approximate cost for an album, based on the number of spreads, album size, etc. The final price will also depend on your client’s preferences for material quality, customizations and their shipping address. After you create a gift card, include its details in the photo delivery email, allowing your client to use it at checkout without any additional payment.

Also, if you practice sending quotes to prospective clients to share information about your services and prices, you can include the photo album as an add-on for your main photography package.

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#2. Upsell clients via a landing page

Create a separate page on your website, highlighting the value an album can have in preserving the legacy of a family. Include compelling imagery of album samples, in different colors, cover materials and photo content — so each client finds something relatable and gets excited about ordering their own album. Consider recording an elegant video of you flip through an album, showing off its beautiful details up close, describing the paper quality and what it feels like to touch the album. Include a short overview of how easy it is to design and order an album straight from the client’s photo gallery.

To help clients find this page, add it to your website menu, so it’s accessible to anyone viewing your site. Or, when emailing clients about their session details, include a direct link to this page. This allows them to start considering the idea of ordering an album, long before they’re ready to commit.

The workflow inside Pixieset: Adding a new page to your website built on Pixieset is super easy. Click on “+ Add Page” in your left sidebar, pick one of the ready-made page templates as a starter, and begin designing your Albums page (tutorial here). Include a slider or a grid of images that showcase albums. Have a section describing the high-quality materials, cover and paper options. Include some lovely messages from past clients who ordered albums and loved them. Finally, offer detailed steps on how to order an album.

#3. Order album samples for your studio

If you have a studio or an office space where you meet with clients, make sure to have some album samples printed. The opportunity to touch the album and assess its quality, helps your clients visualize how their own photo book will look, and gives them reassurance about the investment. If your budget allows, print several options, to showcase the difference between an album, a layflat book or a hardcover book, and display multiple choices of colors and materials.

The workflow inside Pixieset: All albums, layflat and hardcover books available inside your Pixieset print store are fulfilled by our lab partner, WHCC. You can order samples directly through their website and benefit from a 25% discount. Learn more here.

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#4. Add a promotion banner at the top of the gallery

When delivering photos to clients, include a coupon banner at the top of their gallery, to highlight your limited deal on photo albums. Similarly to the point above, this can be a percentage or amount off the order, free shipping, or a “buy an album and get a fine art print for free” type of deal. It’s important to include a deadline, so there’s urgency for the client to take action and place an order.

The workflow inside PixiesetAdding a coupon banner at the top of your gallery to promote a special deal takes only a few seconds. First you’ll need to create a coupon, then type in the message that you want to show up at the top of a gallery. You can add an emoji to make it more prominent, and pick a background color that works best with your collection.

photo gallery of a couple hugging with a discount banner visible at the top

#5. Offer special deals for birthdays and anniversaries

Some clients may not be ready to order an album right after the session, but with time, their photos or memories become more precious, making the idea of printing them even more exciting. While getting to know your clients before and during the photoshoot, take notes of important dates and life events. Set yourself reminders to message them with warm wishes for their birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. In your message, include a special offer for ordering an album (or other prints) featuring their favorite photos.

The workflow inside Pixieset: To offer deals on albums or other products in your print store, you will need to create a coupon. This can be a percentage or amount off their order, free shipping, or a gifted print upon ordering an album. Include the coupon name in the warm wishes message, so your client can apply it at checkout. Note that discounts offered through the use of a coupon are deducted from your profit for the print order.

Apart from the sentimental value that photo albums have for your clients, they are also a great source of additional income for your business. By implementing one or several of the ideas described in this article, you’ll discover an effective and effortless way to market albums to clients. 

Not selling with Pixieset Store yet?

print store inside your Pixieset galleries offers clients an easy way to order albums and prints of their favorite photos, have them printed in high quality and delivered to their door. Once you turn on Store for a collection, your clients can view options of printed products, pick the size and materials they prefer, and make a purchase that gets automatically fulfilled by our lab partners.

Follow this article to learn how to set up your own print store inside Pixieset.

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