Three reasons to sell greeting cards this holiday season (FREEBIE included)

Client Gallery is a simple and elegant way to deliver photos to your clients, have them select their favorites, and share with friends and loved ones. To make the memories of special events last even longer, there are multiple features inside Client Gallery, that allow you to go beyond digital. You can read about all the different ways you can enhance your gallery store experience in our article here.

There is no doubt that important life events and holidays can become even more special when your clients have the opportunity to share it with their loved ones and family. With winter holidays right around the corner, it's a great time to remind your clients about the possibility to order personalized Holiday Cards straight through their photo gallery. It only takes a few clicks but the joy and memories are tangible!

Note: Holiday Cards Designer is available for stores based in U.S and Canada. For users based in Australia or New Zealand, our lab partner Atkins Pro offers single photo card designs that do not use our built-in card designer.

Not selling Holiday Cards yet? Read on to find out 3 reasons why you should enable this option inside your store, and how it works. We've also included a selection of beautiful Instagram Story banners that you can download for FREE and share on social media to remind clients about ordering their own Holiday Cards.

3 reasons why you should offer Holiday Cards

  1. Help clients share precious moments with loved ones
    Creating family holiday traditions allows us to cherish precious moments and celebrate the bonds we share. Photography, in particular, serves as a powerful tool to create memories and enables us to convey the emotions from special events to our loved ones, especially when work or long distances keep us apart. If you've captured events this year, it's possible that your clients missed having all of their loved ones present. By embracing tangible means like holiday cards, you can offer your clients a heartfelt and meaningful way to share their most cherished life events.
  2. Stand out by bringing more value through your brand
    Not one photographer is the same. As with any business, you are on the road to shape your brand's identity and your client's experience with your business. If you are exploring ways to stand out from the crowd, and bring more value to your clients, offering Holiday Cards to your mini sessions may be just the solution. It does not require any extra work on your side, but will bring so much joy to your clients and their families. Learn how to plan successful mini sessions in our post here.
  3. Free Marketing
    If the first two reasons are not enough to convince you to turn on this feature inside your Store, we're sure this one will. Imagine your clients ordering Holiday Cards, having those mailed to their loved ones. Family and friends, people you don't even know, will receive these cards, read heartfelt greetings and admire beautifully printed images. Your images. They may even add the card to their mantelpiece or night table for everyone to admire. This is a brilliant way to promote your services and your craft, in a way that does not impose any costs on you.

How it works

Designing and customizing holiday cards is easy and fun, thanks to our built-in Card Designer. Your clients will be able to easily drag and drop their favorite images inside the builder, customize the colors, texts and layouts for the front and back of the card.

Additionally, your clients have a full range of personalization options:

  • Envelopes: choose from a selection of colors that suit the occasion, premium finish and foil lined envelopes.
  • Printed Envelopes: from playful to traditional prints, your clients can select fonts and 5 different colors to use
  • Paper Quality: choose from premium, double or triple thick paper with color inserts to make the cards extra festive.

It only takes a few clicks inside your Pixieset dashboard to start offering Greeting and Holiday Cards to your clients. Check the article here on how to enable this option and start selling greeting cards.

Instagram Story templates to promote holiday cards

Bonus: Free Instagram Story Banners to help you promote Holiday Cards

If you are motivated to bring more value to your clients, enhance their Store and Client Gallery experience, we are here to help you get the word out there.

Our team created a batch of beautiful ready-made templates that you can share on social media to encourage clients to order holiday cards directly through their photo gallery. Click below, sign up and we'll send you the assets via email, along with a video tutorial that explains how to edit and customize these to your own branding, and with your own images.

Holiday Order Deadlines

The holiday season is right around the corner and can get pretty busy. To ensure that your clients receive their prints and holiday cards on time, we’ve compiled a list of holiday order deadlines for each partner lab. We will keep updating this page, as we receive more information from the labs.

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