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Some of you may be surprised to find out that Client Gallery is not only about delivering photos to your clients in a simple and elegant way. There are a lot of options and features that can help you elevate the experience you provide to your customers and surprise them with bespoke offerings. From personalized print previews, to custom-made bundle packages, a fun holiday card maker and so much more. Keep reading to discover 6 of our favorite features available inside Client Gallery and Store that will make your clients feel seen and cared for.

Spoiler alert: these ideas can also help you boost your revenues, which is a pleasant side effect of better serving your customers.

Now, before we dive into the features and functionality available with Pixieset, let's cover the basics:

About Client Gallery, Store & Other Pixieset Products

If you're new to Pixieset, here's what you need to know - we help photographers and creative business owners deliver photos to clients, showcase their work, sell prints and digital goods, and manage their workflow in a more streamlined way.

Once you sign up for Pixieset (it's absolutely free and requires no credit card), you'll discover inside your dashboard the following products:

Client Gallery - a simple, intuitive and elegant tool that helps you deliver your photos to clients (jpegs, pngs and gifs). Your customers can preview their images, highlight their favorite ones, download them and order prints through the Store.

Store - integrates directly with your client galleries and allows you to sell print products and digital downloads straight from inside your photo collection. Any client can access their photo gallery, select a few images and place an order to print those. They can also download them as digital files.

Website - our website builder makes building a website a breeze. Start with a beautiful pre-made theme, add your content, customize the layout structure per your needs - and you're done. No code, no hosting required. You can launch your website within a few hours.

Studio Manager - our newest product release, a business app designed to help photographers enhance client onboarding, manage contracts and invoices with ease, and collect online payments faster. Read more about it here.

Mobile Gallery - create customized photo apps that your clients can download to their mobile phone for an easy and fast preview of their photo collection. Each app is personalized to a specific client and includes their photos, your branding, your contact details and social media profiles.

Now that you're familiar with how Pixieset products work, let's move into the specific features inside your Client Gallery and Store to help clients get more value from their photo collection.

#1. Go Beyond Photo Delivery

Yes, beautiful high-quality digital photos are an amazing gift, and an exciting journey down memory lane, BUT, nothing beats the experience and effect a printed photo can have on a person. Printed, tangible memories feel more precious, more real and more nostalgic. While digital files collect cyber dust inside our laptops and Google Drive accounts, printed photos are proudly displayed on our house walls, our nightstand and work desks, reminding us about our most dear people and life moments. Printed photos are not just an add-on product to your photography service. They are a tender, indispensable experience that each of your customers deserves to have.

So, if you haven't considered offering printed products for your photography clients, we highly recommend you to give it a try. It's super easy and free for all Pixieset users. All you have to do is activate Store for your photo collection, connect it to one of our partnering print labs (through a price sheet) depending on where you live - and you're all set. Your clients will be able to choose from a wide-range of premium printed products, from wall art to framed prints and greeting cards, with a variety of sizes, paper type, frame materials, etc. If you have the automatic fulfillment enabled (check point #6 from this article) the order, packaging and shipping will be handled by the lab directly, you don't have do to a thing. 

online print store for photographers

#2. Bundle Up Products Into Packages

Packages allow you to bundle multiple products and sell them together as one. It's the perfect way to offer clients more value at a lower price, while also encouraging them to order products that they may not have considered otherwise.

You can bundle together various types of prints and digital downloads, or create special packages for grandmas and aunties that also include personalized holiday cards. Get creative with the name and components of your packages to spark more interest.

When it comes to adding a new package into your store, the process is fairly simple and only takes a few minutes. Here's a quick tutorial with step by step instructions. You can have specific packages enabled per price sheet, which allows you to offer tailored product options per collection. For example, if you're delivering an engagement sessions, include a package that offers wedding cards and framed prints. If you're delivering family portraits, offer a package with wall art and personalized holiday cards. Your clients will love these!

bundled print products

#3. Use Personalized Product Previews

Nothing gets clients as excited about ordering prints and other goods as personalized product previews that showcase their beautiful photos. It's so simple and easy to visualize what the end print will look like, and how beautifully it will decorate the walls of their home. Suddenly, they can't resist but place that order and wait for their prints to arrive.

And, since it only takes 1 click to enable this option inside your Pixieset Store - you should definitely test it out. Here's how to enable the personalized product previews inside your Store.

print product options and frames

#4. Add Holiday Cards to Your Mini Sessions

Whether it's Holiday Cards, Wedding Invitation or Greeting Cards for various life occasions - adding this option into your store will significantly lift your client's enthusiasm levels. Firstly, because the cards are personalized with their photos. Secondly, the card builder (which can be accessed directly from their photo gallery) is so fun to use, it will be hard to stop just at one type of card.

And if you want an absolute winner deal - add holiday cards to your mini sessions offering. Important life events and holidays can become even more special when your clients have the opportunity to share it with their loved ones and family in a tangible, festive way.

Note: this product is available for USA and Canada based users. Here's a tutorial on how to add cards into your Pixieset Store.

easy to use holiday card designer

#5. Sell Digital Downloads

As you know, your clients can easily download their images directly from their photo gallery, once you deliver it. Yet, you can also opt to offer image downloads for a fee. For example, if your pricing package includes a set number of images that you deliver, you can always showcase more photos inside the gallery, and limit the amount of free photos they can download. This allows the client to view a larger collection of photos from the session and pick their most favorite ones to download. It can also motivate them to upgrade their package or purchase the extra photos at an additional fee.

Also, image downloads are not the only type of digital downloads you can offer to your clients. Pixieset supports GIF and PNG files. Your clients can easily preview and download them straight from their gallery, if you include these formats inside your deliverables.

Pixieset photo gallery image download

#6. Save Time with Automatic Fulfillment

The beauty of automatic fulfillment is that you have to set it up once, then it works for you while you can continue doing what you do best. When your clients want to purchase prints from your Store, their order is automatically sent to one of our partnering labs that will print, package and ship the order directly to your client. You don't have to worry about a thing.

Here's all you need to know about getting started with automatic fulfillment for your Pixieset Store.

And the best part is that any Pixieset user, on a free or paid plan can benefit from the features listed in this article. Those who are on a paid Client Gallery plan (they start at only $8/month) also get to enjoy a 0% commission fee on their sales. Click below to explore all these features inside your dashboard!

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