NEW! Share GIFs & PNGs with Pixieset

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More options to deliver, sell and showcase your work

We're excited to bring GIF and PNG support into Pixieset. Now you have more fun ways to share, sell and showcase your portfolio online. Enhance the experience you offer to your clients, from the moment they discover your website, till the point they receive their beautiful photo gallery.

Share GIFs with Pixieset Client Gallery

Add a new layer of depth and playfulness into your client galleries by including GIFs when delivering your photo collection. You can upload them directly into the cover for an impactful first impression, or sprinkle them across the gallery to highlight important moments.

View Wedding Gallery Sample
View Photo Booth Gallery Sample

You can also share GIF files through Mobile Gallery App.

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Share PNGs with Pixieset Client Gallery

Need to deliver client portraits or product photos with a transparent background, so your customer can use it for marketing? You've got it! Now you can deliver PNG files through your Pixieset collection, just like any other photo.

Your PNG files will also show up through Mobile Gallery App.

Showcase GIFs through your Pixieset Website

If you're looking for an easy and fun way to spice up your photography website - GIFs could be exactly what you need. They'll make your website more playful, and memorable to browse through.

View Sample Website.

You can add GIFs into any website block that includes an image. PNG files are also fully supported by Pixieset Website. 

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Sell GIFs & PNGs with Pixieset Store

Just like with regular jpeg images, you can sell your GIF and PNG files through Pixieset. All you have to do is enable Store for your collection, and have some Digital Download products set up. Your clients will access the photo collection, pick the images, GIFs or PNGs they like, and go through checkout. Easy. Here's a detailed tutorial on how to sell digital downloads through Pixieset Store.

Ready to try GIFs and PNGs with Pixieset?

GIF and PNG files can be uploaded as easily as any jpeg file. Head over into your dashboard to test these new features out and don't forget to share your gallery, store and website examples with us on Instagram.

Don't know how to create a GIF out of photos?

Discover the simple and quick process of creating a GIF out of your photos by using Adobe Photoshop. We also share some additional tools and online software that can help you create your first GIF.

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