Introducing Studio Manager | Send Invoices & Contracts

We are excited to announce Studio Manager is now officially in public beta. Create contracts, send invoices and collect payments — all through Pixieset.

At Pixieset, our mission is to inspire you on the journey toward running a successful photography business. We aim to create a platform that offers beautiful, intuitive, and easy-to-use tools for photographers to power their businesses end to end, and help them find joy in their daily workflow. We are incredibly excited to take another step closer to that goal, with the launch of the next flagship product - Studio Manager.

Studio Manager is our new business app designed to help photographers enhance client onboarding, manage contracts with ease, and collect payments faster.

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Create and send beautiful, branded contracts, invoices, price quotes and questionnaires
  • Collect online signatures from clients, on any device
  • Set up payment schedules, automatic reminders and expiry dates
  • and most importantly - get paid, fast and easily

If you've been looking for a simple, yet elegant solution to book clients online, send contracts, invoices, price quotes and questionnaires to your clients, without juggling through multiple apps, look no further. Studio Manager is perfect for you, and it's absolutely free to get started!

Discover Studio Manager | Current and Upcoming Features

Send Invoices and Collect Payments

Let's be real, no photographer enjoys chasing clients with payment reminders, and luckily, with Studio Manager - you don't have to. Now you can:

  • Create an invoice with the given service/product, add its pricing details, and set a due date for the payment.
  • Send automatic email follow ups to your clients about their due payment.
  • Enable payment schedule, offer installment payments and add a deposit/retainer option prior to charging the full amount.
  • Include discounts and tax details into your invoice, and allow clients to include a tip when making the payment.
  • Have clients pay online with a credit or debit card, via Stripe. Or, if you allow offline payments (cash, checks, bank transfers), manually mark your payment as paid inside your dashboard.
  • Get notified when an invoice status has changed, ie. payment is fulfilled, payment is due, payment has failed.

Create Contracts and Get Them Signed Online

Onboarding new clients has never been easier, faster, nor did it look this elegant before. With Studio Manager you can:

  • Create and send contracts to be signed online, from any device, anytime
  • Add second signer to contracts, to ensure all parties are involved
  • Use available predefined templates
  • Create and save your own contract templates to reuse them later
  • Use variables to autofill client information; and smart fields to let client fill in any missing information, allowing you to collect important event details.
  • Enable an expiry date for your contract
  • Save time on follow-ups with automated emails to send clients kind reminders to sign
  • Get notified when a contract status has changed, ie. signed, expired.

Your Brand Everywhere

Contracts and invoices are a necessary part of running a business, and now you can make them look as elegant and professional as the rest of your communication. Bring your branding into the tiniest details with Studio Manager:

  • Add your logo and brand colors to customize your contracts, invoices and emails
  • Upload global or personalized header images to contracts and invoices, bringing your work to the forefront, even at the early stages of communication
  • Select modern or elegant typography theme for your contracts and invoices to keep a clean consistent look across all brand touch points

Coming Up Next

Studio Manager is designed to give you all the needed tools to run your business smoothly and efficiently. If contracts, invoices and payment options got you excited to enhance your client onboarding process, wait till you hear about upcoming features:

Finding the right tools that support your business workflow, simplify your process and help you stay organized is an important part of your business growth. That's why we created Studio Manager — to help you run your business more smoothly. Now you can offer your clients a streamlined experience when they visit your website, sign the contract, send the payment and get their photos delivered. We hope you love what you see so far. This is just the beginning of your all-in-one platform for modern photographers!

Get started with Studio Manager, or any other Pixieset product, for free. No credit card required. 



Beta for Pixieset means it is fully functional and ready for use in the real world, while we keep adding new features in the upcoming months. Hundreds of photographers with early access are already using Studio Manager as an important part of their client onboarding, to send invoices and contracts, and get paid. 


You can use Studio Manager for free, or upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy unlimited number of contracts and advanced features for as low as $12/month when billed annually. Suite plan users will enjoy Studio Manager and its premium features, along with Client Gallery, Store, and Pixieset Website — all in one starting at just $28/month when billed annually. 


The year 2020 didn't go as planned due to COVID-19 for many in the photography industry, and Pixieset was no exception. As a company, we had to learn to work remotely, reprioritized our resources, and ultimately, the development for the Studio Manager was significantly delayed. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being patient with us. Our team is fully committed to delivering a beautiful and easy-to-use Studio Manager product that we promise is worth waiting for.


We have an ambitious roadmap, which includes features that will bring more automation to your daily workflows. Some of those features is the ability to create client forms, questionnaires and quotes, as well as booking and scheduling, which our team is working to bring next to Studio Manager.

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