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2022 Year in Review

It feels like the past 12 months flew by in a few seconds, yet they were filled with hard work and determination to do better and reach new levels of excellence. To everyone who joined our Pixieset community this year — we want to give a heartfelt welcome and thank you! We’re excited to have you on this journey with us. Let’s take a quick look at all the amazing milestones that both, our team and our users accomplished in 2022.

What was new in 2022

We stayed true to our mission, to equip and inspire creatives on their journey of running their own photography business. 2022 was all about bringing exciting new features and enhancements into Pixieset, to help our users simplify their process, save time, and earn more money. Here are some of the most thrilling releases of the year:

Client Gallery & Store

2022 Pixieset year in review Client Gallery & Store updates

Studio Manager

Pixieset Studio Manager updates 2022 year in review

Pixieset Website

Pixieset Website updates 2022 year in review

2022 in numbers

Our team wasn’t the only one who worked tirelessly this year. You also rocked it, creating millions of beautiful memories for clients, consolidating your workflow and delivering an unforgettable experience. Let’s take a minute to reminisce on the wonderful accomplishments the Pixieset community reached in 2022:

Millions of memories delivered

This year, you collectively delivered millions of galleries to clients, that’s millions of beautiful memories and work, shared all around the world.

Pixieset Client Gallery for photographers, photo delivery

Empowering filmmakers

Videos tell stories in a powerful way. They’re an invitation to relive all the memories, emotions and experiences from a given moment. This year, we’ve witnessed over 10,000 hours of video footage being shared with clients inside their photo collections, providing them with an easy and beautiful way to preview and download their films.

Going beyond digital

Nothing beats the experience and effect a printed photo can have over a person. Printed memories are precious, transcending the notion of time. This year, framed prints, metal prints and greeting cards, remain the most popular products inside Pixieset Store. If you’re not offering printed options to your customers yet, we highly encourage you to get started in 2023.

More business opportunities

Though it hasn’t been long since the release of Booking & Scheduling, we’ve already seen thousands of photography sessions booked through Studio Manager. That’s hundreds of hours saved on back-and-forth emails, and countless new business opportunities for our amazing users. Isn’t that incredible?

Pixieset online booking for photographers

An easy daily process

Being able to offer clients a simple, digital way to sign a contract, pay for an invoice or share preferences about their sessions — is not only convenient, but also profitable. Thousands of contracts, invoices, quotes and questionnaires were shared with clients, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience.

Elegant online presence

Every professional photographer requires an elegant, original website to present their business, their services and work online. Luckily, with Pixieset Website, this is easy to do. You just pick a ready-made theme, add your images and text, choose your preferred fonts and colors and you’re good to go live. This year alone, over 40,000 photographers published beautiful websites using Pixieset, and laid the foundation for their online presence. Here are some beautiful examples built with Pixieset Website.

Pixieset website design for photographers

Making a difference globally

We’re excited and humbled to serve photographers from 200+ countries all around the world. It’s an honor to know that our tools are at the heart of your business, from the moment a client discovers your site online, to the point they book a session, sign a contract, pay an invoice, or get their gallery and prints delivered. Thank you for your trust in Pixieset!

Supporting you

Whether you’re new to Pixieset and still learning the ins and outs, or perhaps you’ve been with us for years — know that our customer support team is here to help you navigate through any questions or challenges. 2022 has been a busy year. Our team solved over 60,000 support inquiries, and achieved a 95.4% happiness rate among all customers who reached out. We think they deserve a massive pat on the back.


If you think that this year was full of surprises and exciting new features, we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2023. We wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season! Be sure to relax, rest, unplug, enjoy good food and the company of your loved ones. Happy Holidays from Pixieset Team!

Holiday Support Hours

We will be operating with limited support staff during the holidays from December 26th, 2022 to January 3rd, 2023. If you do reach out during this time, it might take us a bit longer to get back to you, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

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