pixieset 2023 year in review

2023 Year in Review

As tradition goes, December is a time for reflection on the passing year. 2023 was filled with achievements, growth, wonderful lessons and new friendships. We had the pleasure of meeting many of you in person and we reflected together on how photography impacts our lives. Thank you for being part of this beautiful year and let’s cheer for an incredible 2024!

New features launched in 2023

As always, we strived to bring new tools and options for our users and make your process simpler, more streamlined, and enjoyable. From subtle improvements to significant updates, we are here to help you grow your photography business.

Pixieset Client Gallery Store 2023 updates

Client Gallery and Store

  • Photo download limits for galleries. Whether you do mini sessions, commercial work, or any other type of photography, and you want to control the number of images your client can download from their gallery, now you can easily do that. Set a download limit, so your clients can choose the photos they get, and turn on Store to allow additional photo purchases from the gallery. Learn more about limiting photo downloads.
  • Premium Albums and Books. Elevate your print store offerings with high-quality photo albums crafted from the finest materials. Your clients can design and order a professional album directly from their gallery, and personalize every detail. Learn more about Albums and Books inside Pixieset Store.
  • Quick ways to share your photos. Do you need to share a curated set of photos with a vendor or collaborator, or showcase a sample of your work at events and photography workshops? The Quick Share feature allows you to create a dedicated page with your photo selection, which you can share with partners or clients via a secure link while keeping the rest of your gallery private. With QR Code sharing, you can generate a QR code linking to a gallery. Save it to your phone and let others scan it to view your work easily.
  • Features to manage your growing portfolio. When you have many galleries in your account, you need a simple and fast way to manage them. We introduced more ways to help you organize and edit your galleries faster.
    • The Bulk Edit feature allows you to update a group of photo collections in one go.
    • Collection Filters help you quickly sort through tens and hundreds of galleries, based on their Status, Category Tag, and Event Date.
Pixieset Studio Manager 2023 updates

Studio Manager

  • Mini Session creator. Enjoy a simpler way to set up your mini sessions schedule. Pick a date and duration, select the number of spots you want to offer, done — your schedule is ready and clients can start booking right away. Want to optimize your process even further? Allow clients to pay for their session, sign a contract, and fill out a questionnaire as part of their booking flow. Learn more about creating mini sessions with Studio Manager.
  • Contact Forms for capturing leads. Connecting with new leads has never been easier. Now you can build custom contact forms inside Studio Manager. Embed them on your website, or share via a direct link on social media. Once a prospective client fills out the form, they automatically get added to your contact list, so you can start a conversation and convert them into a paying customer. Learn more about contact forms inside Studio Manager.
  • Options to manage your contact lists. Running your photography business from one dashboard means having the possibility to track all your touch points with every client. Here are some new features to help you do that:
  • New features for Booking and Scheduling.

Pixieset Website

  • Flex Editor. You deserve a website that is true to you, that makes you feel proud, and helps you attract your dream clients. With Flex Editor, our new website builder, you get more design freedom to create unique website layouts. Drag and drop images, buttons, text, and videos, tweak colors and fonts. You are in control of how your website looks across all devices. Learn more about Flex Editor.
  • New website themes. Discover the beautiful Sierra and Nordik website themes for photographers, now available in Pixieset’s library. Apply them to your website with one click and create an elegant online presence for your brand. Learn more about building a website with Pixieset and how to switch between themes.
  • Image Grids, Slideshows, and Carousels for Flex Editor. Transform your photography website with new, immersive slideshows, carousels, and image grids. We’ve also added 25+ premium slider blocks, ready to be used immediately. Simply add your own content, adjust the layout for mobile and you’re all set. Learn more about the new options available on Pixieset Website.

Pixieset users in 2023

This year wouldn’t have been as amazing without our users. You created countless beautiful memories and delivered an unforgettable experience to your clients. We are proud to be part of your journey and support you each step of the way. Here’s what Pixieset clients shared about their experience in 2023:

Pixieset Clients Chloe May Photographer

”Pixieset offers tools that span across the entire working relationship. From the first point of contact, the website, Pixieset has allowed me to create a stunning visual medium to show off my work. Once the clients book, I can then nurture the client relationship through the CRM system, from invoicing to contracts to client questionnaires. I keep everything in one place and run smoothly. Pixieset has taken the stress out of many aspects of running a business and offered beautiful solutions to myself and my clients.”

Chloe May, Wedding Photographer

Pixieset Clients Gemma Flay-Highes Photographer

”I’ve been using Pixieset for 8 years. Everything from client galleries to my booking site is absolutely beautiful, creating a seamless experience that my clients love. It has completely changed my workflow, and saves me so much time! Having everything in one place, with one subscription to pay, keeps things simple for me as a busy photographer and mum.”

Gemma Flay-Hughes, Family & Brand Photographer

Pixieset Clients Bek RogersPhotographer

“Pixieset has revolutionized my photography business. It has given me the ease of delivering galleries through the same platform that hosts my website. The gallery system is user-friendly and visually stunning, enhancing the experience for my clients. When it comes to my website, the editing options are a game-changer, I love the “upload from Client Gallery” feature. Thank you for making my job as a photographer easier!”

Bek Rogers, Couples & Wedding Photographer

Pixieset Clients Serafin Castillo Photographer

I have been using Pixieset for 9 years, and they always bring innovative features for photographers, to offer the best possible experience for my clients. Whether it's the tangible aspects such as high-quality prints, or the seamless online delivery of the final work with customizable text options for galleries, Pixieset truly goes above and beyond. The ability to store galleries on Pixieset as a backup and to schedule deliveries is so convenient. The Pixieset Website feature that allows me to host my site on the same platform has been a game-changer. Even if I don’t have web design skills, creating and updating my site is incredibly straightforward. I can’t wait for all the features that Pixieset has in store for us.”

Serafin Castillo, Wedding Photographer

Pixieset Clients Jillian Blanc Photographer

”I have been using Pixieset to deliver my client galleries for the last 7+ years. I love how streamlined, clean, and professional the galleries are not only on the backend, but for client usage. I always get compliments on how nice the gallery looks and how they love that they can purchase prints, share with friends, and make favorites lists right in the gallery without having to download everything and organize it themselves. I also use the Pixieset store and it is fantastic. The only work I had to do was set my pricing and Pixieset does the rest. I love waking up and seeing I made money in my sleep, who doesn’t? It’s awesome that everything is automated!”

Jillian Blanc, Portrait & Couples Photographer

Pixieset Clients Hunter Hart Photographer

”You can ask anyone I have ever talked to, I push Pixieset on photographers all the time due to its ease of use and how intuitive it is. I went from having to deliver every photoshoot by mail and hand on disks, to using Pixieset. I am able to edit quickly and deliver photos all in the same day if I want to, how amazing is that? On top of that I am able to encourage clients to print directly from Pixieset and some days I will randomly receive a notification saying I have been paid for prints. Passive income is so nice and that is something Pixieset has brought into my professional life. I am pretty sure I am an early adopter of the software, I have around 1,000 galleries on my Pixieset and it is so nice to go back and see what I have done over the last few years. It feels like a time capsule or a bunch of hard drives without having to dig through all of them to find one photoshoot that I am looking for. Truly a blessing for photographers and I am not being paid at all to say this.”

Hunter Hart, Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Pixieset 2023 holiday support hours

Holiday Support Hours

During the holidays, from December 25th, 2023 to January 1st, 2024, our support team will be operating with limited availability. If you reach out during this period, there may be a slightly longer response time. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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