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Meet Sierra | The most elegant website theme for photographers

Our newest website theme, Sierra, is designed to help photographers showcase their art, in the most elegant and memorable way. It’s a graceful website design, paired with large-scale typography, soothing color tones, and airy layouts that allow each of your photos to shine and collect their deserved attention. If you want to raise the bar for your photography brand and create a website as stylish as your work — Sierra is the perfect theme for you.

Build your site with Sierra

4 things you’ll love about Sierra theme

Gorgeous design, functional layouts that cater to all your photography needs, high versatility and easy to set up. That’s all about Sierra. The intuitive dashboard and ready-made page templates will help you build and launch a new website within hours. Want more reasons? Keep reading.

Timeless, elegant design

When bold character meets timeless beauty, you get a theme like Sierra. Every element inside this design will help you present your portfolio with confidence and style. Treat it as your personal art gallery, where every photo and every word is carefully placed to start a conversation and spark emotion.

Large-scale, chic typography

Sierra is daring, in an elegant, sophisticated way. Its large quotes and bold titles captivate attention and help you make a statement. Whether you’re big on storytelling or prefer to keep things short and punchy, Sierra will cater to your narrative and help create a strong, memorable first impression for your prospective clients.

Perfect for all types of portfolios

Originally, Sierra comes as a classic theme with a modern twist. It’s perfect for editorial, fashion and fine-art photographers who want an exquisite online presentation for their brand. With a bit of customization, Sierra can also do a marvelous job for product and brand photographers, real estate and interior design gurus, or those who take photos of nature and beautiful sceneries.

Portrait photography site built with Sierra
Product photography site built with Sierra
Travel photography site built with Sierra
Real estate photography site built with Sierra

Launch your site within hours

Just like all Pixieset themes, Sierra’s intuitive dashboard and predefined page templates make website building a breeze. All you have to do is upload your own content (images, gifs, texts), apply your branding, or use Sierra’s default fonts and colors, and you’re done. Your website is ready to be shared with the world!

Build your website with Pixieset

If you’re ready to transform the way you present your photography brand online — Sierra is the right choice. To get started with this elegant theme go to your Website dashboard > Design > Change Theme > Apply Sierra. If you currently use a different Pixieset theme, don’t worry, your content will be safely transferred over to Sierra. Here’s a guide on how to change website themes.

New to Pixieset Website?

Getting started is easy, and it’s completely free! Sign up for a free account, go to your Website Dashboard, and follow this helpful video tutorial.

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