Meet Montréal | New website theme for wedding, destination and elopement photographers

We’re thrilled to introduce Montréal, our all-new website theme for active wedding photographers, travelers, and adventure seekers. If you’re always on the move, and if your clients share an equal passion for wanderlust - this is the perfect theme for your photography website. Excited to explore Montréal?

When designing Montréal, we wanted to bring in the connection to nature. First, we handpicked a warm, earthy color palette - the green and brown tones across Montréal’s pages will instantly take your visitors on a hike up the mountain. For typography, we chose a firm, bold option that will highlight your story and help you build a connection with your potential clients. You’ll also notice some playful design elements on pages, which add a more handwritten-journal type of feel to this theme.

3 Reasons why you’ll love Montréal

Here are a few reasons why you’ll love Montréal theme and should choose it for your photography website:

01. Clean design and intuitive website flow

Pixieset themes are all about providing a simple and easy-to-use website solution for photographers. With Montréal, you get a clean, straightforward design with intuitive navigation and curated page layouts. This helps you look professional, but most importantly - it builds trust with those visiting your website.

02. Page templates tailored for Wedding & Elopement Photographers

Like all our themes, Montréal comes with predefined page templates. These are a lifesaver for our users, allowing them to build impactful pages faster. Simply apply the ready-made templates and add your own text and images. Here are some unique layouts we’ve added inside Montréal:

As a photographer, you want to create connection with your site visitors right away. Build trust and help them understand that you’re a great fit for each other. Use the experience page to guide them through the process of working with you, what to expect, useful tips to support your expertise, as well as answer FAQs and share resources/guides. This way, your clients will feel more confident with their decision to book you.

This strategic page lets you offer more clarity for those considering a country/city for their photoshoot, and it also helps you avoid the back-and-forth emails confirming whether you cover a selected location/timeframe. Additionally, it can add value to your SEO ranking for specific geographical areas.

Montréal empowers you to tell your story, your way. We designed a playful About Page to highlight your love for wanderlust, and help you build a stronger connection with your clients. Are you an adventure photographer? Show yourself “adventuring”. Talk about your passions and interests, share snippets of your life outside photography, and list your favorite wedding destinations or hiking spots. Do you value strong family bonds? Post some personal photos with your loved ones. Nothing builds trust more than an honest insight into who you are as a human.

03. Any photographer can use it

Montréal can be easily customized to fit any brand or portfolio type. Whether you photograph weddings, elopements, landscape, travel, families, or lifestyle work - you can stylize Montréal and make it uniquely yours. For example, just by switching to a moodier color palette, your website instantly turns from an adventure journal into a sleek, stylish online portfolio.

How to build your website with Montréal

Can’t wait to try this adventurous theme? Apply Montréal on your website easily, by going into your Website dashboard > Design > Change Theme > Apply Montréal. If you use a different Pixieset theme, no worries - your content will transfer over smoothly. View our guide on how to change your website theme here.

Are you new to Pixieset Website?

You can get Montréal for your website for free! All you have to do is create a free account with Pixieset, no credit card required. Follow the steps in this guide on how to get started with your Pixieset website.

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