10 Beautiful Websites Built With Edward

Building your website is an exciting journey, but it can quickly become overwhelming with the sheer number of choices involved, especially when it comes to the design. You may be looking for a product that's easy to use, while also being flexible enough to represent your unique photography brand. We're here to help.

Last week, we launched our newest theme, Edward, which was designed with photographers in mind. Edward delicately balances a clean and elegant look, while also containing several stunning design elements that are sure to help your site stand out from the rest. With a wide range of customization options and endless layout possibilities, this theme offers something for everyone.

How do I know if Edward is right for me?

Edward is a modern theme that draws attention to both your images, as well as the unique design elements that can be tweaked and customized as you see fit. While it was designed with photographers, it is flexible enough to be used by any creative business looking for a beautiful way to showcase their work.

Edward is packed with all-new design features that make it stand out from other themes. Effortlessly choose from over 50 block layouts, 6 menu styles, beautiful accent colors, premium designer fonts, and custom page templates. Since Edward is powered by Pixieset Website, setting up your website has never been easier.

While we would love to tell you more about why we love Edward, we thought we'd let the Pixieset community show you. Here's a collection of 10 real user websites, all built with Edward within the past week:

Howl Photography

Website: howlphotography.com | Instagram: @howl.photography

Vines Studios

Website: vinesstudios.com | Instagram: @vinesstudios

Patty Carratala

Website: pattycarratala.com | Instagram: @pattycarratala_photography

Andrea Stephens

Website: andreastephensphotography.com | IG: @andreastephens.photography

Charlotte Hu

Website: charlottehuphotography.co.uk | Instagram: @charlottehuweddings

Joel Alexander

Website: joealalexander.co | Instagram: @hahajoel

Hewitt Wright

Website: hewittwright.photo | Instagram: @hewittwrightphotographer

Olive + Mint

Website: olivemintphoto.com | Instagram: @olivemintphoto

Mohsin Ali

Website: mohsinaliphotography.com | Instagram: @mohsinaliphotography

TN Studio

Website: tnstudio.vn | Instagram: @tnswedding

Edward is a great option for creative professionals looking to take their website to the next level. Between the range of design options and the ease of the Pixieset website builder, it's never been easier to create a beautiful, custom looking website.

Have you built your website with Pixieset? We'd love to see it! Send us a quick email, or DM us on Instagram; we'd love to connect!

The Pixieset Team.

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