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Your portfolio is the core of your photography business, one of the main reasons people book you. Being able to showcase your work in an elegant and impactful way is key when attracting new customers. We wanted to make the process of crafting your online presence as easy and seamless as delivering photos.

Today, we’re excited to announce a feature that bridges Pixieset Website and Client Gallery, and allows you to build your photography website in a faster, more streamlined way. Now you can import images into blocks and pages on the website, straight from your photo collections. Save time, enjoy a simpler process and get creative with the way you share stories.

Log into your dashboard to explore this new feature. We can’t wait to see the websites you create for your business!

A faster way to build and edit your website

When adding photos to your site, it’s super handy to have them all in one place. The new image upload feature lets you access all your collections with a click of a button. Since your images are already uploaded on the platform, you can now easily find them, and add your preferred ones to the website.

This option saves you tons of time while creating your site pages and lets you enjoy a more streamlined workflow. Easily keep your website portfolio up to date, so it can showcase your latest work, and attract new clients.

Choose photos from a selected collection, import them into your website and use them inside image blocks.

How to import images from Client Gallery to Website

Head over to your website dashboard and open any new or existing image block. Click on the “Client Gallery” button inside the editing window, which will show all your available collections. Choose images from a selected gallery to upload to your site. Here is a quick tutorial to guide you through the process.

The classic upload options are still available: browse images in your computer, as well as drag and drop an image directly in the dashboard.

Power up your photography business with Pixieset

Sign up for our Suite Plan and enjoy unlimited features on Pixieset Website, Client Gallery, Studio Manager and Store. For only $28/month you get access to all the tools your photography business will ever need.

Are you new to Pixieset? Get started today and create a free account with Pixieset, no credit card required.

Are you new to Pixieset? Get started today and create a free account.
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