Client Gallery Enhancements | November 2022

We’re happy to share a list of updates inside Client Gallery that will enhance your photo delivery experience with Pixieset, and help you create, manage and share your collections with clients more efficiently. From new features and extended functionality to small tweaks inside the dashboard related to design and wording. Every improvement, big or small, will make a difference in your day-to-day process and simplify your workflow.

Keep reading to learn more, or head over to your Client Gallery dashboard to explore them yourself.

Schedule emails

Many photographers work with clients from different timezones, or prefer to send their photos to clients on specific days and at certain times. To optimize your process and ensure that galleries get shared even when you’re not at the computer, we’ve introduced the possibility to schedule your collection sharing emails. Now you have full control over the date and time your clients will receive and preview their beautiful photos and videos. Learn more about how to schedule your collection sharing email inside Client Gallery.

Copy or move photos between collections

Previously, moving or copying images was only possible between sets within the same collection. We’re extending this functionality across all your collections. Now you can easily copy or move photos into a different collection without having to re-upload them. It’s fast, easy, and can save you lots of time. Check this tutorial for more details.

Improved Slideshow features

Did you know that your Pixieset collections have a built-in slideshow option that clients can use to preview their images in a more immersive way? We’ve made this feature more visible and accessible for customers - now slideshows can be played directly via the collection’s primary navigation bar. You can opt to turn on Slideshow option inside your Collection Settings tab, so clients can easily find it and use it. We have also added the ability to adjust the speed and auto-loop settings for the Slideshow playback. Learn more about how Slideshows work inside Client Gallery.

Privacy options for your Homepage

The privacy of your client galleries is very important to us. Your Client Gallery homepage is where all of your public collections can be found in one place. While you’ve always had the possibility to password-protect your Client Gallery homepage, or hide individual collections from the homepage — we expanded these options by introducing the Homepage Status toggle. Now you can turn your Client Gallery homepage ON or OFF, depending on your privacy needs. For example, you may prefer to keep your Client Gallery Homepage turned off so that you can share collections directly with your clients. Check this tutorial for more details.

Copy Favorite lists into Capture One

The Pixieset Lightroom plugin allows you to view client Favorites directly inside Lightroom, for a faster retouch process. We updated this feature so it’s more accessible to Capture One users too. Now, you can copy your client’s Favorite list from your Pixieset dashboard and easily paste it into your Capture One app. Simply use the Lightroom Copy List feature, and turn off the “Include Commas” toggle before copying the list to your clipboard. Check step 1 & 2 inside this tutorial.

Drive Store sales with quick purchase options

When clients add a print or digital download from their collection into the cart — we’ll reopen the pop-up with product suggestions, to encourage additional purchases.

We’ve also introduced a more prominent Buy button for single image purchases inside your collection. This way, clients can instantly discover this option when previewing their photos. For mobile clients, the View Cart button is now more accessible, making it easier to complete their purchase. Learn more about selling prints and digital downloads with Pixieset.

Add a subject line to your collection sharing email templates

Did you know you can create custom email templates when sharing a collection with a client? This is the perfect feature for those who find themselves typing the same message over and over again when delivering photos, and want to save time. By popular demand, we’ve introduced a field for the subject line that you can edit and save inside the email template, for a more streamlined process in the future. Check this tutorial for more details.

Other updates inside Client Gallery that will make your experience more enjoyable

Our team keeps enhancing and refining Client Gallery to the smallest detail, in order to make the photo delivery experience with Pixieset more enjoyable, both for you and your clients. Whether it’s a small design element inside your dashboard, or a different choice of wording that helps you better understand how a feature works — we’re fully committed to simplifying your daily process and making Pixieset a joy to use. Here are some additional improvements that we’ve introduced:

  • Improved download experience for photos with the same file name.
  • Easier ways to share collections with clients - via a direct link, the Share button inside the collection’s dashboard, through the Email Invite interface, or inside the Collection Manager area.
  • Continue working inside the dashboard while images upload into your collections.
  • Easier access to Collection Default settings.
  • A date and timestamp for download and favorite list activities.
  • Refreshed storage upgrade module to help you quickly unlock more space for your collections.
  • Enhanced user experience when publishing your first collections, with hints that walk you through all important settings.
  • Refreshed onboarding flow for new users to help them get familiar with the dashboard faster.

Excited to explore all these new options? Head over to your Pixieset dashboard, open Client Gallery and enjoy this new, enhanced experience.

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