New! Meet your all-new Store

Introducing the next-generation Store.

We believe that photographers deserve a beautiful and easy way to sell photos online. With our next generation store, selling is easier than ever. Today, we are excited to introduce our reimagined Store and Client Gallery integration designed to help you earn more and to bring your work to life. Discover a new and improved shopping experience, new storefront, new premium products, and more.

Redesigned Shopping Experience

The client gallery shopping experience has been completely redesigned to show off your beautiful products and to increase sales. It is now easier than ever to create a gallery and sell more premium products that will delight your clients and help you earn more.

Integrated Seamlessly with Client Gallery

The purchasing experience is seamlessly integrated into your client galleries. Your clients are just a click away from seeing beautiful products that they can purchase.

Explore Beautiful Products

You can now learn more about each products along with description and beautiful photos right in the gallery. They will be able to select from an extended range of options for each products.

New Storefront

A new dedicated storefront designed to showcase and sell stunning products is now integrated right into your client galleries. In your galleries, you can simply click “Print Store” on the navigation to see the new storefront.

Products Showcase

The new storefront is designed to showcase all your product offerings. Your clients will be impressed by beautiful product photos, and inspired to purchase more products.

Preview Wall Art

When purchasing wall products, your clients can now visualize what their photo might look like in a room setting before adding to cart. With room preview, your clients will be encouraged to purchase larger print sizes, as most clients tend to purchase sizes too small for wall decorations.

Bulk Purchasing

If you are purchasing prints or single photo downloads from the Storefront, you can now bulk purchase by selecting multiple photos. This will encourage clients to buy more prints as picking more photos for printing is just clicks away.

New Premium Products

A new storefront experience would not be the same without quality premium products. You can now take your product offerings to the next level by offering everything from photographic prints to framed prints to greeting cards.

Automatic Fulfillment

From printing to shipping, let our automatic fulfillment system handle everything while you focus on what you love: taking photos. Take your brand to the next level, increase business exposure, gain passive income without any of the fine tuning or heavy lifting.

Commission Free = Earn More, Keep the Profits

Set your own prices and keep all the markup. We don't take a cut of your sales or charge hidden fees on any upgraded accounts. Selling photos online is a great way to diversify your income and earn more.

How do I get started?

For users who are already selling

Go to your Dashboard > Store > Products and create a new price sheet. Then, simply assign the new price sheet to your collections and you are good to go! Learn more: Moving to the new Store

For users who have never sold before

You will need to setup your Store in order to sell. You can follow the steps here: Setting Up Store.

Looking to sell on your Pixieset Website?

Selling through your Pixieset Website is currently unavailable. With that said, a Store-Website integration is definitely on our roadmap. In the meantime, you can setup a workaround following this guide: Can I sell products on my Pixieset Website?

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