Sell more through Pixieset | 4 reasons to switch to the new Store

Back in May 2020, we released a new version for Store. We’ve fully rebuilt the dashboard to offer photographers an easier and more elegant way to serve clients, sell prints and earn money. The updated version brings in a beautiful storefront, an improved shopping experience, and a larger variety of premium print products. It has also helped thousands of Pixieset users earn higher revenues, without much effort. They could be out in the field, photographing, while orders are processed, printed and delivered to their clients’ doorstep.

If you still use the legacy version, or if you don’t have Store enabled at all — this article will walk you through the reasons why you need to activate the new Store right now. It only takes a few minutes, it’s free for all Client Gallery users, yet makes a tremendous difference for the experience you create for your clients.

4 reasons why switch to the new Store

If you started using Pixieset after May 2020, you’re all set with the new system, and fully benefit from all new features inside Store. Yet, if you’ve been using Store previous to May 2020, and haven’t created any new price sheets ever since - chances are, your galleries are connected to the legacy version. Switching to the new version is super simple, and it comes with 4 massive advantages:

#1: New Store users sell 3x more products

In 2020-2021, photographers who use the new Store sold three times more products to their clients, compared to those who use the legacy Store version. These are both orders for prints and downloadable files. And apart from all the beautiful memories that were preserved through print, it’s also a great increase in passive income for many Pixieset users.

#2: An elegant storefront with your offerings

The upgraded version comes with a beautiful storefront that showcases all your products and motivates clients to buy more. Check out some demo examples here and here.

Your clients can easily preview all options and visualize the final look, since all products include their own photos. Store will also carry out the styling options that you have applied inside the gallery (colors and fonts), offering a consistent and tailored experience throughout each step.

#3: A larger selection of premium products

From photos in metal and wood frames, to various canvases, bamboo panels, wall art, cards, fine art — all of the highest quality, printed with care at trusted lab partners. The new Store offers a rich variety of products that you can add into a price sheet and present to clients. View them all here.

You can also sell digital downloads (JPEG, GIF, and PNG files), and empower clients to buy more through the bulk purchase feature.

#4: An improved shopping experience for your clients

The new Store seamlessly integrates into your photo galleries, encouraging clients to explore products, pick their preferred size and material, even have fun designing their own personalized cards — an option currently available for U.S. and Canada users. Ordering prints and wall-art just got easier and more tempting.

What Pixieset users say about Store

We’ve reached out to several Pixieset users, and asked them to share their experience while using the latest version of Store. Here’s what they say:

“It’s convenient that the store is connected to the galleries + fully automated by Pixieset. I love a surprise order from a client, it always makes my day! I don’t have to worry about physically printing anything or dealing with shipping myself, Pixieset handles that all for me.”

Jillian Blanc | Elopement & Editorial Photographer

“One of the reasons I love Pixieset, is the built-in Print Store.
I recently did a photo exhibition, and I wanted guests at the show to be able to shop the show from home, after it was over. That’s when I converted my collection of imagery into a web store, with all kinds of custom print options. Whether it’s gallery framing, your standard lay flat photo, or a metal print on high glass aluminum. There’s something there for everybody’s space, everybody’s budget, and it’s as straightforward and as simple as it can be.”

Adam Wells | Commercial & Lifestyle Photographer & Filmmaker.

Watch Adam’s full testimonial here.

“A few months ago I’ve finally set up my Pixieset Store, and that’s another thing I really wish I did sooner because now my clients can go back into their galleries whenever they want and order amazing high quality prints from me, and I don’t have to do anything and I get paid, like free money, pretty much. It’s the best thing ever.”

Olivia de Vin | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Watch Olivia’s full testimonial here.

“I absolutely love the experience, and my clients love the products.”

Carlos Lazarini | Nature & Landscape Photographer

How to get started with the new Store

If you’re not sure which Store version you use, go to Store > Products, and check whether any of your price sheets have a “Legacy” tag on them. If you currently use a Legacy price sheet, all you need to do is create a new price sheet and go through the settings — print fulfillment, lab preference, markup, etc. Once done, assign your new price sheet to a new or existing collection and you’re all set. Here’s a detailed tutorial with step by step instructions.

Important note for legacy Store users: Existing legacy price sheets will continue to work as before, up till March 2023. However, you cannot create new legacy price sheets, nor can you access recent updates, features, and products added into the new Store version. To ensure you’re enjoying the latest, as well as upcoming updates to Store, we highly encourage you to switch to the new version.

Not using Pixieset Store yet?

If you’ve been thinking about offering clients the opportunity to order prints, or buy more images, yet couldn’t find a simple and elegant tool for that - this is your sign. It only takes a few clicks to turn on Store, assign a price sheet and enable customers to explore elegant printed products with their cherished memories. Here’s a detailed tutorial to guide you through the steps.

If you want a quick setup and a hands-free experience while processing orders and delivering prints to clients, we recommend automatic fulfillment. It saves you time, and helps you earn more income with zero effort. Here’s everything you need to know about automatic fulfillment inside Pixieset.

Also, know that Store is available with all Client Gallery plans, including the free one. Those who are on a paid plan get to enjoy a 0% commission fee on all sales. For more details about plans and features, check out our pricing page, or click below and start exploring Store features inside your dashboard - for free.

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