Introducing iDEAL payments for Netherlands

New Payment Method


We are pleased to introduce iDEAL as a new local payment method in the Netherlands. iDEAL supports all major Dutch banks and offers low processing fees (€0.29 per transaction) with no hidden charges, making it the most popular payment method in Netherlands for your clients to complete their purchases.

Activate iDEAL on your Stripe account and then enable in your Store settings to make it available on all Store checkouts.

Not selling yet? Meet your all-new Store.

We believe that photographers deserve a beautiful and easy way to sell photos online. With our next generation store, selling is easier than ever. Today, we are excited to introduce our reimagined Store and Client Gallery integration designed to help you earn more and to bring your work to life. Discover a new and improved shopping experience, new storefront, new premium products, and more.

Automatic Fulfillment

From printing to shipping, let our automatic fulfillment system handle everything while you focus on what you love: taking photos.

Keep the Profits

Set your own prices and keep all the markup. We don't take a cut of your sales or charge any hidden fees on any upgraded accounts.

Getting Started with Store

Activate iDeal Payment:

  1. Go to your Stripe dashboard > Settings > Payment Methods to activate iDEAL as a payment method.
  2. Go to Pixieset Store dashboard and enable iDEAL to show on your store checkout.

New to Store? You will need to set up your Store in order to sell. You can follow the steps here: Setting Up Store.

New to store? You will need to set up your Store in order to sell.
Set up Store

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