Introducing Skye | A minimalistic website theme for photographers

Meet Skye - a clean and fresh website theme, packed with simple, high-impact layouts for photographers. Skye is the latest and most versatile theme in our collection, catering to almost any portfolio type. Whether you photograph landscapes and nature, portraits, weddings, kids and families, product, studio, lifestyle, or documentary work - Skye will help you make a statement, and put your work forward in a modern and impactful way.

If you’re on the hunt for a website that highlights your portfolio in a refined, concise way, yet doesn’t distract or overwhelm - look no further. Skye is bold, confident, and will have each photograph on your website stand out. Packed with functional, image-centric layouts, as well as modern typography that supports all types of visual work, Skye is guaranteed to make you look like a real pro online.

Keep reading if you’re curious to learn more about Skye, and what it can do for your photography business. We’ve listed 4 things you’ll love about it.


#1 Minimal, straightforward user experience

When it comes to website design, we believe that less is more. With so many websites, apps, and adverts competing for our attention daily, it’s refreshing to come across something clean, simple, yet powerful. Your website should require zero effort from your visitors, while they browse your portfolio and decide to hire you.

Skye strives for simplicity. If you believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and opt to write less and show more on your website - this theme will support that. Image-driven blocks, airy pages, strong headlines, and minimal distractions. Everything inside Skye is meant to draw the attention of viewers to what matters most - your photography work.

#2 Great for beginners, as well as seasoned photographers

Whether you’re at the start of your photography career, honing your skills and shaping your style, or are an accomplished photographer with years of experience - Skye is great for you. Why? Because any photographer of any scale will benefit from a website that presents their work in a simple and impactful way, like Skye does.

We included a selection of elegant, ready-made page layouts to help you create a new website quickly. Whether you decide to add a pricing page, share testimonials from past clients, or describe what the process of working with you looks and feels like - there are predefined templates to help you build your site fast and easily.

#3 Modern typography and color options

Skye comes with a mix of clean tones and modern typography, that allows you to present ideas boldly and confidently. In combination with Skye’s minimal design, these will have your visitors read into each word on your site.

Moreover, this theme is wonderful for those who don’t have branding yet and want to explore various directions. Our website builder comes with an extensive catalogue of unique font families and color options, meant to help you create a look that is uniquely yours.


#4 An all-purpose theme, suitable for any photography style

As you’ve probably noticed, Skye is a super versatile theme and great for all photographers. To show you what we mean - check out these examples, all built with Skye, yet adapted to various styles and photography types. All these unique looks can be achieved directly inside your Pixieset Website dashboard, no code required. How cool is that?

How to build your photography website with Skye

We’re super excited to see what you create with beautiful Skye! Apply it to your website by going into your Website dashboard > Design > Change Theme > Apply Skye. If your website is currently designed with a different Pixieset theme, your content will be safely transferred over to Skye. Check out our guide on how to change website themes here.

New to Pixieset Website?

Getting started is easy, and it’s completely free! Go ahead and sign up for a free account, go to your Website Dashboard and follow the quick guide we’ve prepared for you here.

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