13 Must-see photography websites built with Nordik

Nordik is our latest website theme, and it has quickly become a new favorite among photographers using Pixieset. You will love the clean and minimalistic look of this design, with image-centric layouts, impactful typography, and soothing colors that make each photo stand out and get its own spotlight. Whether you capture epic sceneries, specialize in editorial and commercial work, or photograph couples and families — Nordik will elevate your authentic style and make you look professional online.

Today, we’re excited to showcase 13 remarkable photography websites from our creative community, all built with Nordik. It’s inspiring to see how our users have taken Nordik to the next level and added their own personal flair using Flex Editor. These websites are so unique that you may wonder, "wait, was that built with a theme?". If you are considering using Nordik for your own site, check out these examples for inspiration on your next website update.

Sammy Aucella Photography

Website: sammyaucellaphoto.com | IG: @sammyaucella

”Building my website with Nordik template was so easy and I’m obsessed with the end result! The design is super clean and has everything I’m looking for as a professional photographer.”

Kat Larrea Photo

Website: katlarreaphoto.com | IG: @katlarreaphoto

”I have been using Pixieset since I started my business 4 years ago and have loved watching every new template and update come out. When I saw Nordik, I knew I had to try it! Transitioning to Nordik was so smooth and took only a few minutes. I love that it makes my work stand out and that my website looks unique, without having to invest a lot of time or money into a custom website from scratch!”

Lauren Gonzalez Photography

Website: laurengonzalezphotography.com | IG: @laurengonzalezphotography

”I’d say Pixieset makes it extremely easy to build and modify a website that fits your personality and style. Nordik specifically comes with clean and modern templates that I was able to make my own. It definitely gives a professional modern feel to my website now while still feeling timeless!”

Momentliebe Fotografie

Website: momentliebe-fotografie.de | IG: @momentliebe.fotografie

Zäni & Duwayne

Website: zaniduwayne.com | IG: @zaniduwayne

"Nordik offers a simplistic and clean layout to our photography that is both modern and bold. It provides a striking visual experience, particularly for photographers looking to display their work on a larger scale, such as landscapes or emotional moments. Overall, Nordik is a valuable tool for creating a stunning and impactful portfolio."

Forest Photography

Website: forestphotos.com.br | IG: @forestcasamentos

”I’m so in love with the new Nordik template! Its clean and timeless design, and centered menu make me never want to use any other template again.”


Website: pixelcop.photo | IG: @pixelcop

”Pixieset strikes just the right balance between customisation and opinionated design, which helped me conquer my procrastination and finally set up my photography portfolio page. I appreciate how effortless it is to make adjustments and switch things up. I'm a big fan of the elegant Nordik theme that lets my photos take center stage without getting in the way.”

Jordann Brown Imaging

Website: jbrownimaging.com | IG: @jordannbrown_imaging

“Nordik acts as the perfect minimal, clean base I was looking for to showcase my interiors & architecture work perfectly. I also started incorporating Flex blocks into my layout so I can make any section custom to my needs. Updating my website with my previous provider used to be frustrating & outdated but now I can’t wait to adjust and improve as I add new images!

Magenta Flute Photography

Website: magentaflute.ca | IG: @mflutephoto

”I used to make HTML websites for fun when I was a kid, so when I found the Pixieset Website builder was included in my package, I ended up completely overhauling my entire site in a day. I was excited to see the new Nordik theme as it really fit the vibe I had been trying to accomplish. With the added customization from Flex Editor I finally feel like my website is a good representation of the work I want to share.”

Meagan Explores

Website: meaganexplores.com | IG: @meaganexplores

”Using Nordik has been so easy and seamless to customize. It truly does provide the perfect blend of modern and nostalgic templates that align so well with my style of photography and the feeling I am trying to portray once potential clients land on my website. I couldn’t recommend it more for any industry.”

Taylor Made Photography

Website: taylormadephotographyfl.com | IG: @taylormadephotosfl

”Building my website using Nordik was a breeze!! Easily customizable to fit my style and brand, I am truly so happy with my website.”

Blair Voss Photo

Website: blairvossphoto.com | IG: @blairvossphoto

”The Nordik theme truly enhances my authentic style as a wedding photographer. It meshes the effortless with the modern! Plus designing my site with Pixieset is a breeze. From creating your brand colors, to endless font combinations and now the Flex Editor feature, I can design a website that draws my clients in to learn more.”

E Kendall Photo

Website: ekendallphoto.com | IG: @ekendallphoto

Excited to try Nordik for your photography website?

If you have a website built with Pixieset and want to try Nordik, go to your Website dashboard > Design > Change Theme > Choose Nordik to apply this new theme in seconds. Check out this help article for more details on how to change your theme. Once you switch, your content will transfer over smoothly, then you can customize colors and fonts to match your brand. You can also incorporate Flex Blocks into your pages and create unique layouts from scratch.

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