20+ Elegant photography websites built with Seville

Seville, our newest website theme just launched, and Pixieset community has been buzzing ever since. In just a few days, hundreds of users switched their sites to Seville theme, and we can’t wait to show you their incredible results.

Seville is one of the most elegant themes in our collection. Do you love posh vibes, delicate typography, and soft colors? Check out Seville’s Demo Site. It is designed for all photographers - whether you shoot weddings, elopements, families, editorial or fine-art work, this theme will make your imagery stand out in the most exquisite of ways.

In today’s article, we’re showcasing 20+ elegant websites built by our clients with Seville. While they’re all based on the same theme, you’ll be amazed to see just how unique these websites are. Dark and moody, bold and playful, refined and timeless - with Seville, any aesthetic is possible. Keep scrolling to discover these beauties (listed in no particular order)!

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Madison Miles Photography

Website: madisonmiles.photos | IG: madison.miles.photo

"My experience with Pixieset has been absolutely amazing! I love how simple it is for my clients to use and how easy it has been for me to create a beautiful, professional website that I am proud to show off. It’s so helpful that everything is customizable yet specifically tailored to a photographer's needs. I’m in LOVE with the addition of the Studio Manager features—it has made my workflow and communication absolutely seamless. I recommend Pixieset to every photographer, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro. The value of what you get for your money is truly unbelievable."

Milky Way Photography

Website: milkyway.com.na | IG: milkywayphotographystudio

"Pixieset is an absolute genius platform for me to share my photographs with my clients. Its enticing themes, user friendly interface and sufficient storage space is no brainer for any photographer who wants to improve their portfolio. I highly recommend it."

Joanna Briggs Photography

Website: joannabphotography.co.uk | IG: joannabriggsphoto

"As soon as I saw the new Seville template I knew it would be perfect for my brand. I’d just had a new logo designed so it was perfect timing for a website update! The colour options & layouts are just beautiful. I love how easy it is to design a website with the Pixieset templates, it’s so user friendly and easy to customise to make it your own. Another thing I love about using Pixieset for my website is that if I want to change to a new theme, all my content stays in place so it’s really quick & easy to get a fresh look. I’ve been using Pixieset for my client galleries for years, so as soon as they launched the website feature it was a no brainer for me to switch my website over too & have everything in one place. It keeps everything looking cohesive for my clients, which I love & it’s so easy to keep everything updated as I only have to log onto one service."

AVA Visuals

Website: avavisuals.net | IG: ava_visuals_

"I built my small photography website with the new Pixieset theme Seville, because I immediately fell in love with its stylish, ageless, very airy and calm feel. I love how it gives the photographs and other content lots of room and air to breathe, and creates a very serene, gallery like atmosphere with chic details. I also love the new font and color options! I would definitely recommend the stylish and very easy to use Seville and other Pixieset themes to my colleagues, and have also done so!"

Kathryn Alanna Photography

Website: kathrynalannaphotography.com | IG: kathrynalannaphotography

"Pixieset has been essential to the growth of my photography. It has allowed me to have a beautiful and incredibly customizable website without feeling overwhelmed. Its editor is user friendly and one of my favorite things is that you can preview what your website will look like across desktops, tablets and cell phones. The gallery delivery is easily my favorite I’ve used and the customer service is unmatched. I’ll always recommend Pixieset to photographers that are just getting started or looking to make a change!"

Jennifer Corona Photography

Website: jennifercoronaphotography.com | IG: jennifercoronaphotography

"I have loved using Pixieset since I launched my business! Changing to the Seville theme really gives my brand the more luxury feel I am aiming for. The color schemes, fonts, and layout options are truly perfect and everything I hoped for! It is so user-friendly and looks high-end; I love it!"

Her Paper Heart Photo

Website: herpaperheart.com | IG: herpaperheartphoto

"Pixieset works amazing for my business. It’s so seamless to have a stunning easy to navigate website that my clients can easily book with me. I am obsessed with the online galleries and how easy Pixieset makes it to deliver to my clients."

Kylee Dayton Photo

Website: kyleedaytonphoto.com | IG: kyleedaytonphoto

"This platform has made my life so much easier and I’m so thankful for it! And the new Seville template is AMAZING!"

S&M Weddings

Website: sandmweddings.com | IG: sandmweddings

"It’s an excellent quality-price ratio that allows us to have a website that is easy to use and has great visual impact. We got tons of compliments for our website! We have never had any problems, and our customers love the online galleries to share photos with all their loved ones."

Andre Morgan Photography

Website: andremorganphotography.com | IG: ampanddesign

"I'm a professional photographer that believes in speed and functionality when it comes to my work. Pixieset provides such ease of use and speed when getting my images to my clients, so when I discovered that they offer the capability for the end-user to build a website on their platform, it was a no-brainer for me, are they perfect? No, but what platform is it? I know this much; the service I was using before is not as fast or easy to use, and so far, I'm happy!"

Jacqueline Fugatt Photography

Website: jacquelinefugattphotography.com | IG: jacquelinefugatt

"Designing my site using the Seville template was so intuitive and easy. I loved how beautiful and timeless everything was looking as I was putting it together. I love how it gave me different options for a lot of the features so that I could make it me. I couldn't be happier with the end result!"

Victoria Redko Photography

Website: victoriaredkophoto.com | IG: victoriaredkophoto

"It was the one theme I was waiting for, really liked the clean and minimalistic look with it. I switched over to the Seville theme and finished building everything within an hour!"

Charity Wentz Photography

Website: charitywentz.com | IG: charitywentzphotography

"I couldn’t recommend Pixieset enough! I have been using them since I started my business couple of years ago. I wanted a modern, clean and minimalist website that is easy to navigate and professional looking and Pixieset did not disappoint. I always get compliments from my clients on how beautiful my website is. Also, the customer service is top notch! I had no experience building a website before and I’ll be honest that I did not know where to start at first but they helped me and made sure to answer all my questions. 10/10 would recommend Pixieset to those who are new to website building and want to make the process as painless as possible!"

Artistic Elegance

Website: artisticelegancephotography.com | IG: artistic_elegance_

"I have been using Pixieset for a few years now and I love how user friendly it is! All of the templates are beautiful and keep getting better and better every time they drop something new. I’m currently using the new Seville template and I’m in love! It has everything that I need. I’ll definitely be holding on to this one for a long time!"

Andréanne Guimond Photographie

Website: andreannegphoto.com | IG: andreanneg.photo

"I love how Pixieset is so easy to use. I really enjoy how the client gallery and the website is integrated together. My new website helped me build my clientele by its simplicity and clean aesthetic."

E. Noelle Photography & Design

Website: enoellephoto.com | IG: e.noelle.photo

"I LOVE using Pixieset. It’s so nice to have my client galleries, print orders, and website all on a singular, easy to access (and easy to use) platform. Their built-in website designs are gorgeous (I use the Seville theme!) and make the process of updating my site effortless. Truly can’t say enough great things about how they’ve helped streamline my process and showcase my work!"

Amber van Ardenne

Website: ambervanardenne.com | IG: ambervanardenne

"I saw your new design and I was immediately impressed, it fits my photography so well! What I love about Pixieset Seville is the beautiful design and that it’s very easy to use. The beautiful fonts and the light colors, as a lifestyle photographer I am fond of Pixieset!"

Sharon Woesthuis

Website: sharonwoesthuis.com | IG: sharonwoesthuisphotography

"I've been using Pixieset for a few years now and am really loving it. It makes it easy to build a professional website and gives me the opportunity to share visual stories with my clients in a beautiful way. The Seville theme gives me an art type of feeling that I was looking for. It's fresh, modern, elegant and really easy to use."

Forbes Photo

Website: forbes-photo.com | IG: forbesphoto

"Love the style! Very elegant, classic, & timeless feel!"

Bianca Miller Photography

Website: biancamillerphotography.com | IG: _biancamillerphotography

Marcijuš Studio

Website: marcijus-studio.com | IG: marcijus_studio

The Lens of Truth

Website: benjamincruzphotography.com | IG: thelensoftruth

Found Photography

Website: foundphotography.net | IG: bec.alder

Hej Liebe

Website: hejliebe.de | IG: hejliebe

"Even if I am not a photographer, I would choose Pixieset over and over again. As soon as I saw the new Seville template I knew I have to use it. It was love at first sight. I really love working with Pixieset because it's so simple to change and update any parts. The new theme represents my person almost perfectly - the minimalistic and the soft colors is what I love. All in all, in my opinion it’s a fair and outstanding price/performance ratio. Thanks to Pixieset team for designing this beautiful theme."

Can’t wait to build your photography site with Seville?

If these websites made you think “I need to try this gorgeous theme” - do it!

With Pixieset, it’s super easy to switch to a new layout. Go to your Website Dashboard > Design Settings (the paintbrush icon) > Change Theme > Pick Seville. All your content transfers over in seconds, and all you have to do is adjust your fonts and colors per your brand needs. 

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