Meet Seville | New editorial website theme for photographers

Transform the way your photography brand is perceived online.

We're excited to introduce you to our newest, most elegant and airy website theme, called Seville. Just like the Spanish city, Seville will charm you with its classic, high-end vibes, its delicate, posh typography, and soft, muted colors. We've packed Seville with stylish page layouts to help viewers focus on the most important part of your website - your images.

If you want a fresh, elevated and unique look for your photography website, we recommend you to check out Seville. With this theme, your website will feel like entering an art gallery where each of your photos is displayed on a spacious, beautifully lit wall, demanding full attention and admiration from those who are visiting.

What's included with Seville?

Just like all Pixieset themes, we've packed Seville with a variety of features and options to help you build a remarkable and one of a kind photography website - easily, on your own. Here's what you get when you choose Seville for your site:

Seville theme - elegant website template for wedding and fine art photographers

01. New Stunning Layouts

A library of beautiful ready-made blocks and page templates to help you launch your new website fast and smooth. We've included options to help you build impactful pages for your Home, About, Pricing, Portfolio, Testimonials, etc. If you predominantly shoot verticals, or a mix of portrait and landscape images - know that Seville was designed to help you highlight each photo in its original format. 

elegant website layouts for photographers

02. Elegant Font & Color Options

A beautiful selection handpicked by our design team. If you love soft, pastel colors and silky, elegant typography - you and Seville are a match made in heaven. Yet don’t cross Seville off of your list if you prefer a darker, moodier website design. In a matter of a few clicks you can take this theme from a light, airy look, to an edgy, dark design, both equally fabulous and impactful.

customizable website theme for photographers

03. Support for Multiple Media Formats

With Seville you can showcase your work and brand through all types of media files, from jpegs and pngs, to videos and gifs. Get creative and have fun while designing your photography website. You can also enable site-wide animations to offer a more compelling browsing experience for those who visit your website and portfolio. Get Started with Seville

Who is Seville for?

The beauty of this theme is that it can easily adapt to all kinds of portfolios and present them in a fashionable, high-end way. If you photograph weddings, couples, families, or do lifestyle portraits - you will love Seville and its elevated feel. If you do commercial and editorial photoshoots, you will enjoy how this theme highlights each of your images and positions you as a seasoned professional. If you have a moodier photography style and want a dark, chic feel for your site - Seville will support your vision masterfully. Trust us, it's a head turner! 

easy to customize website theme for photographers

How to build your photography website with Seville

Seville will completely transform your photography brand and the way it's perceived by clients. You can try Seville by going to your Website dashboard > Design > Change Theme > Apply Seville. If you currently use a different Pixieset theme, no worries, your content will be transferred over to Seville automatically. Check out our guide on how to change website themes here.

New to Pixieset Website?

Getting started is super easy, and it’s Free! All you have to do is sign up, go to your Website Dashboard and follow the quick guide we’ve prepared for you here

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