OpenFrame is a podcast by Pixieset, the place for photographers to have inspiring, honest and uplifting conversations. We want to empower you to run a business and life you love and are proud of, to help you grow intentionally, while finding a community of like-minded people.

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OpenFrame podcast is a place of community where you will hear different voices, thoughts, approaches, experiences. A place where we can remember our humanity before our job title. The beauty of it is that we can learn from anyone. It doesn’t matter how many Instagram followers someone has. How many years they’ve been in the industry. We can all teach each other something and enjoy our differences.
Ami Robertson
Kay Adekunle Rufai
Miles Witt Boyer
Aida Glowik
Wing Yan Man
Sachin Khona
Claire Vögeli
Nicole Ashley


OpenFrame Podcast for Photographers

OpenFrame will offer the hosting mic to a variety of creatives, whose stories and perspectives need to be heard. Our first hosts are the talented Nadia Meli Oli Samson.