20+ Photography Link in Bio examples & how to create one for free

Social media plays an essential role in the way your business is perceived online. If you’re determined to amplify your online presence this year, you should consider getting a personalized Link in Bio, also known as a Bio Site (view some demo examples). One URL that compiles all your important links/resources, that you can include in your social profiles - guide followers to discover your work and hire you.

Not sure how to create your Link in Bio? In today’s article, we’re sharing the best practices for building a powerful Bio Links page for your photography brand. We’ll also fuel your inspiration with a curated selection of Link in Bio examples built by photographers. All of these were created using Pixieset Website, and you can build your own Bio Links page for free, just click below to get started.

What is a Link in Bio page

A Link in Bio is a “mini-website” with all your brand’s essential links, that you can share in your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter bio, or anywhere across your social profiles. It is built to look amazing on mobile devices since most of your followers will access this page while browsing apps on their phones. It’s also an effective marketing tool because it lets you present all your important resources on one single page, solving the one-link limitation that many social media platforms apply. 

A well-designed Bio Links page allows you to keep all your client touch-points on brand and looking professional. It also makes it easy for anyone to connect with you and learn about your offerings. You can link to your portfolio, your booking site, your print store, your presets, courses, publications, or any other digital products.

Best practices when designing your Link in Bio

  1. Keep it simple. Your Link in Bio page has one goal - to direct the visitor to a particular resource, be that your website, YouTube channel, or booking site. Name each link intuitively, and keep the copy to a minimum, to make it clear right away what is what.
  2. Make it on brand. When someone lands on your Bio Links page from a social media profile, it should be obvious that they’re on the right page, belonging to the same person/business. Stay cohesive with your fonts and colors and keep them on brand. Be mindful of how you name the page. Avoid using vague URLs such as “page-1”, and if possible - include your brand name in the page slug itself.
  3. Keep it up to date. Isn’t it a bummer when you say “check my Link in Bio to read the full blog post” and then you forget to actually include that blog post into the Bio Links page? Remember to constantly update your links so they match the narrative on your social accounts.
  4. Consider animating it. Video can make your page more original and captivate the user to learn more. You can include a subtle video background or a fun gif for your profile picture, but don’t overdo it.
  5. Track its performance. Use Google Analytics and other analytics tools to monitor where your Link in Bio page users come from (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.), and make necessary adjustments.

How to create a Link in Bio for free

If you’re looking for a ready-made solution, and want to create a customizable Link in Bio page fast, you’re in the right place! Regardless of what platform you’re hosting your website on, you can use Pixieset to create an elegant Bio Links page for free.

Choose from 4 templates tailored to photographers and creatives, include all your details and links, and personalize the page to match your branding.

If you use Pixieset Website, follow these steps to set up your Bio Links page:

  • Log into your Pixieset account and open your Website dashboard
  • Click on “+ Add Page” and select “Bio Links”
  • Edit the Bio Links page per your preference
  • Publish and share your link with the world!

View more info on our Bio Links guide here.

If your website is hosted by another platform, you can still enjoy this feature for free:

  • Sign up for a free Pixieset account
  • Head to your Website dashboard, and pick any theme to get started
  • Click on “+ Add Page” > “Bio Links”
  • Edit it per your preference and branding
  • Set this page as your homepage, and delete the other sample pages.
  • Publish and share your link with the world!

Check out our detailed tutorial on creating, editing, and sharing your Bio Links page.

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20+ Link in Bio examples built by photographers

Creating a Bio Links page with Pixieset Website is quick and simple! We’ve seen thousands of photographers build unique Bio Links pages for their social accounts. These are so elegant and original, we thought you’d love to see some examples, too! Scroll to view 24 Bio Links pages created by photographers, using Pixieset. These examples are guaranteed to inspire and motivate you to build your own Link in Bio page.

Von Geis Photography
Bio Links: vongeisphotography.com/links | IG: vongeisphotography

Elisabeth Reid Photography
Bio Links: elisabethreidphotography.com/links |
IG: elisabethreidphotography

Michael Cassara Photography
Bio Links: michaelcassara.me/links |
IG: michaelcassaraphoto

Ashley McCormick Photography
Bio Links: ashleymccormick.com/links |
IG: ashleymccormickphotography

Brittney Mangold
Bio Links: brittneymangold.com/links |
IG: brittneymangold

Carin Thakrar Photography
Bio Links: carinthakrar.com/links |
IG: carinthakrarphoto

Flor De Campo Photography
Bio Links: flordecampo.co/links |
IG: flordecampo.co

Paspartu Photography
Bio Links: paspartuphotography.com/links |
IG: paspartu_photography

Viva Por Ti Photography
Bio Links: vivaportiphotography.com/links |
IG: vivaportiphotography

Brittany The Photographer
Bio Links: brittanythephotographer.com/links |
IG: brittanythephotographer

Rob Lloyd Photography
Bio Links: roblloyd.ca/links |
IG: roblloyd_

Nathan Adams Photography
Bio Links: nathanadamsphotography.com/links |
IG: nathanadamsphotography

Mariko Kay Photography
Bio Links: marikokayphotography.com/links |
IG: marikokay

Mijke Bressers Fotografie
Bio Links: mijkebressers.nl/links |
IG: mijke.bressers

Palette of Light
Bio Links: paletteoflight.com/links |
IG: paletteoflight

Sinisa Trifunovic Weddings
Bio Links: sinisatrifunovic.com/links |
IG: sinisa.trifunovic.weddings

Tati Borges-Schindler
Bio Links: tatiborges.com/links |
IG: affektivefotografie

Katie Shirk Photography
Bio Links: katieshirkphoto.com/links |
IG: katieshirkphoto

Tabitha Stark Photography
Bio Links: tabithastarkphotography.com/links |
IG: tabithastarkphoto

Shanna Lucas
Bio Links: shannalucas.com/links |
IG: shannalucasofficial

Brenda J Salas Photography
Bio Links: brendajsalasphotography.com/links |
IG: brendasalasphotos

Jinny K Photo
Bio Links: jinnykphoto.com/links |
IG: jinnykphoto

Meagan Explores
Bio Links: meaganexplores.com/links |
IG: meaganexplores

Kaitlyn Law Photography
Bio Links: kaitlynlawphotography.com/links/ |
IG: kaitlawphotography

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