15+ Charming photography websites built with Milo

Milo, our latest website theme for photographers and storytellers was just released, and we’re already seeing many beautiful site examples from our users. Naturally, with its warm, cozy style, Milo drew the attention of many family and kids photographers. Sharing stories and heartwarming images are at this theme’s core. Yet don’t cross it off your list if your work entails weddings, elopements, portraits, commercial photoshoots, and more. Milo can be customized to fit your brand and portfolio and can turn into a timeless, chic website design with a few simple styling tweaks (we’ve included some lovely examples below).

Keep scrolling if you’re curious to see what Pixieset users create with Milo, or click below to try this beautiful website theme for your own photography brand.

Calissa Bree Photography Website

Calissa Bree Photography

Website: calissabreephotography.com.au | IG: calissabreephotography

“I am a long-term user of Pixieset for my client galleries and website I just love how user-friendly and professional it is. My favorite theme so far would definitely have to be Milo, I just love how it flows and the aesthetic really suits my photography style. I was easily able to edit it to how I wanted my home page to look, I have been waiting for a theme that worked for me like Milo has because I really wanted to make my home page more about me and how I feel about photography so that my potential clients feel comfortable with who I am and get a feel for what photography means to me before they even go and look at my packages. Thanks for being awesome, Pixieset!”

Annika Smith Photography Website

Annika Smith Photography

Website: annikasmithphotography.com | IG: annikasmithphotography

”I have been using Pixieset for years to host my galleries and have loved it. The ease of use, customizable galleries, and constant updates have made it great to work with. So when I first saw the new Milo template I thought, this is perfect and totally me. I have been procrastinating on redoing my site for a while now and finally pulled the trigger when I saw it. Its warmth goes with my style completely. I have been able to make it my own by creating a personal color scheme and changing around some of the blocks and pages, which really made it feel more special. Overall I’m really happy with it!”

Hannah Monnett Photography Website

Hannah Monnett Photography

Website: hannahmonnettphotography.com | IG: hannahmonnettphotography

”I’ve always been interested in photography and just recently decided to take that leap and start! While looking for a way to build a website I came across Pixieset, I fell in love with the Milo theme and immediately started building my website! Pixieset has been the easiest to figure out and use, I can’t wait to see where my journey goes from here!”

Carolina Herrera Photography Website

Carolina Herrera Photography

Website: carolinaherreraphotography.com | IG: carolinaherrera.photo

Justin Casanova Photography & Films Website

Justin Casanova Photography & Films

Website: justincasanova.com | IG: justincasanova

"Using Milo was the perfect solution and just what I had been looking for. I had recently transitioned to Pixieset for my website needs from using one of their competitors. I had used Pixieset for years to host my photo galleries but felt like they had a ton to offer that was important to me with their new services and made the switch. I kept things pretty simple for a while so that I could get used to the new tools but even that didn't take long. Once I was ready to give my website a facelift with something more modern I instantly fell in love with Milo as it offered the perfect layout, color options, and flow that I wanted to offer my clients. Making the switch to the new template was easy and I had the majority of my changes completed and published in less than an hour. It was just fine-tuning from there. My wife and I love using Pixieset for our website needs and couldn't be happier about our decision to switch.”

AddieG.Photography Website


Website: addiegphotos.com | IG: addieg.photography

”I’ve been so happy with Pixieset and have loved the webpage templates that are offered. I saw the new one, Milo, and loved the way it looked. I instantly switched everything up to fit the Milo template and love it!”

Laura Dumont Photography Website

Laura Dumont Photography

Website: lauradumontphotography.com | IG: lauradumontphotography

”Pixieset has changed my photography business for the better, the layouts they offer are amazing especially love their new one, Milo! It’s so easy for clients to navigate through my website now and offer stunning galleries and send contracts and invoices right through this website with my brand! Thank you, Pixieset, for the stunning website you helped me create!”

Anastazia Jae Photography Website

Anastazia Jae Photography

Website: anastaziajae.photo | IG: anastaziajaephoto

Lilith & Eve Website

Lilith & Eve

Website: lilandeve.com | IG: lil.and.eve

”Lilith & Eve has been using Pixieset for years and we’ve had nothing less than a phenomenal experience. Milo’s modern website layout combined with client gallery integrations makes a multi-functional, stunning portfolio. To put it frankly, Pixieset is a professional photographer’s dream!”

P J Shepherd Photography Website

P J Shepherd Photography

Website: pjshepherd.com | IG: pjshepherdphotography

”I love the theme Milo, it has transformed how my photography business presents itself. The heightened “Block” options portray my work in an elegant and sophisticated way! My personal favorite feature from Pixieset is the ability to change the colors to match my own brand. It is easy to create a professional website through Pixieset, especially with all the examples and different themes they give you to match your own personal style. Pixieset has changed the way I do things. I use every feature from Client Gallery, to Website to the Store for Prints and even the Invoicing system to create payment plans for my clients. I wish I had found Pixieset sooner!”

Rosy Dream Stories Website

Rosy Dream Stories

Website: rosydreamstories.com | IG: rosydreamstories

”Pixieset has been a great platform for my business as a photographer. It is so simple to use and you can create your own style with a click. I gave my website a refreshing look by using the new template Milo and it looks so good! I recommend Pixieset to all!”

Sarah Jane Photography Website

Sarah Jane Photography

Website: sarahjanephotos.co | IG: sarahjphotographymp

“I’d been playing around for months on another platform trying to find a theme I loved and that suited me and my business, as soon as I started playing around with Milo I was sold and had my new website up and running within the week. I’ve now moved my whole business over to Pixieset.”

Warfi Stories Website

Warfi Stories

Website: warfistories.co.uk | IG: warfistories

”Pixieset is the solution to all of my business needs. All of their services create the ultimate client experience for everyone with a photography business, especially me. It just works, with simplicity. From invoices, client galleries, contracts, and especially a well-built website helps me sell my services without hassle, meaning more time capturing special memories.”

Luca Sportelli Creations Website

Luca Sportelli Creations

Website: lucasportellicreations.com | IG: lucasportellicreations

“I love Pixieset. It made my website so easy to create and by using Milo theme it was even easier to create my own narrative without having to worry about technical things.”

Clumsy Heart Photography Website

Clumsy Heart Photography

Website: clumsyheartphotography.com | IG: clumsyheartphotog

Tiffany Burch Photography Website

Tiffany Burch Photography

Website: tiffanyburchphotography.com | IG: tiffanyburchphoto

”My experience with Pixieset has been a breeze! Designing my website has been so fun and I love how simple it is to navigate. I just started using Milo as my theme and I’m loving the boho vibes it gives my brand.”

Maryebeth Smith Photography Website

Maryebeth Smith Photography

Website: maryebethsmith.com | IG: maryebethsmithphoto

“I’ve used Pixieset for client galleries and my photography website for years and couldn’t be happier! I’ve tried other website builders in the past, but Pixieset has the most gorgeous and functional templates I’ve come across! They’re easy to use, and constantly adding new features, which makes it so simple to keep my website looking beautiful and modern!

Pixieset’s client galleries are easy to use and do an amazing job showcasing the photos from my clients’ sessions. Choosing and downloading photos is extremely simple, which is very important to me, and my clients absolutely love it!”

Marve Photography Website

Marve Photography

Website: marvephotography.com.au | IG: marve.photography

“In order to run a photography business, you can’t just be a photographer. You have to be a marketeer, office manager, accountant, web designer, and planner (and much, much more). Pixieset has transformed the way I run my business and has made everything so much more efficient. I no longer have to have five software tools to manage my business, but have everything in the one spot, working seamlessly together. It’s never been easier to design a website, share an appealing gallery with clients, and send invoices and questionnaires. I love that the Pixieset team is continuously adding new designs (loving the Milo design!) and functionalities and they take their customer service seriously. Using Pixieset hasn’t just cut my admin time in half, but it also makes my business look so much more professional towards (potential) clients and helps me create solid connections with them. I honestly always recommend Pixieset to anyone who wants to listen, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

Milo is the best website theme for photographers who love to share stories and seek to build deeper connections with their clients. It will help you showcase your portfolio in a charming way, highlighting your unique approach.

If you’re curious how your portfolio would look with Milo, give it a try - it’s absolutely free. Sign up at pixieset.com and follow these simple steps on how to create your first photography website.

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