15+ Elegant photography websites built with Sierra

We’re delighted to see that Sierra quickly became the core theme for hundreds of beautiful websites, built by creatives worldwide. Its timeless, elegant design is perfect for wedding and couples photographers, providing them with a canvas to showcase their art and tell their stories. If you specialize in editorial, fashion, or any type of designer work — Sierra’s airy layouts and large-scale typography will beautifully display your portfolio. What makes this theme truly remarkable is its versatility. With just a few clicks, Sierra can be customized to suit any kind of work.

Discover 15+ photography examples from our community, each channeling their unique style and personality. We’ve also asked our users to share their thoughts and experience of building a site with Sierra. Check them out if you’re thinking of switching to this beautiful new theme, or are only getting started with Pixieset Website.


Urban Hub Co

Website: urbanhubco.com | IG: ansleymorgan.urbanhub

”The process of building my website felt seamless - like the template was reading my mind as I organized my content for display. As a photographer, having a website builder that integrates with my client galleries is truly unmatched. I now have a destination for my clients (new and old) to explore my content, learn my story, browse pricing options, and ultimately have an enjoyable booking experience. This one is truly made for all the content creators, designers, and storytellers!”


Zeal Photography

Website: zealphotography.co.uk | IG: zealphotographyuk

”I can’t recommend using Pixieset to build your website enough. It is one of the most user-friendly and powerful website builders you can get as a photographer. I was able to rebuild and relaunch my website within a day by myself with no prior knowledge or skills in website building. Now my website looks beautiful and sophisticated! Always getting compliments from clients about my website”



Website: perspektivenjagd.com | IG: perspektivenjagd

”As a photographer, it’s important for me to present my work to my clients professionally. With Pixieset, I have achieved this and more. Thanks to the perfect themes, I was able to customize my website according to my wishes. As a wedding photographer, my clients want to get an overview of my work. With Sierra, this is a completely new way of designing. This theme impresses me and allows me to unleash my creativity. Wedding photography thrives on emotions, and thanks to Pixieset, I can showcase them perfectly on my website. The setup was very easy, and with the SEO tools, you always have control over your online presence. The website is constantly growing and getting better.”


Janita Laaksonen

Website: janitalaaksonen.com | IG: janitalaaksonenphotography


Dani Lang Photography

Website: danilang.com | IG: danilangphoto

”When my website was overdue for an update, I found Sierra to have an artistic and beautiful aesthetic that would be easy for clients to navigate while bringing photography and the story behind my brand to life. It was easy to set up and comes with so many unique customization options to fit any style/brand!”


Ana Jablonska Photography

Website: anajablonskaphotography.com | IG: anajablonskaphotography

“My website needed an update for a while, so when I received an email from Pixieset about a new website theme I wanted to check it out right away. Sierra theme is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! It works so well with my style! I finally have that timeless look I really wanted to achieve in the first place. Switching between themes is so easy & your options are endless. With Pixieset themes, you can easily create a website that will show your personality.”


Raphaela Valéria Fotografia

Website: raphaelavaleria.com | IG: raphaelavaleria


Diego Gonzalez Photo

Website: diegogonzalezphoto.com | IG: diegogonzalezphoto

”I’ve been using Pixieset for all things photography for a while, but really wanted a fresh update for my website - so as soon as I got an email about the release of Sierra, I knew it was the perfect match for what I wanted to do! I love the modern and minimalistic look and it’s so easy to make it really match one’s aesthetic, whatever that may be. I’m so so happy with the final result and feel so proud of my revamped website!”


Klemen Skočir Weddings

Website: klemenskocir.com | IG: klemenscocir

”As a wedding photographer, I highly recommend Pixieset’s Sierra website theme. The clean and modern design showcases my photos beautifully and the customizable layout allows me to easily personalize my site to match my brand. The responsive design ensures my site looks great on all devices, and the built-in client galleries and shop features make it easy for me to share and sell my work with clients. Overall, Sierra has been a game-changer for my business and I couldn’t be happier with my Pixieset experience.”


Divan Studio

Website: divanstudioky.com | IG: divanstudioky

“Building my website using Pixieset was a seamless and exciting experience! I love that Pixieset allows creatives to build their own site with unique themes that can be further customized to one’s liking. I was so excited when Sierra theme became available because I love the clean, editorial look, and I immediately updated my site. Thank you Pixieset!”


Shotz By Dylan

Website: shotzbydylan.co | IG: shotzbydylan

”When deciding on the multiple themes that Pixieset provides, I wanted something that would enhance my work and bring every photo to life with each scroll. I knew Sierra was perfect because of the modern simplicity of the page layouts while also showcasing what is most important in an elegant way.”


Elsa Lebaratoux

Website: elsalebaratoux.fr | IG: elsalebaratoux

”I instantly fell in love with Sierra theme. Elegant, clean, and creative, it was exactly what I was looking for to promote my work. I especially liked the geometry and graphics of this theme and the nice dynamic.”


Loren Ioppolo

Website: lorenioppolo.com.au | IG: lorenioppolophoto

”I really love how simple it is to create beautiful, eye-catching pages with Pixieset. The Sierra theme has a striking balance of text, space, and image placement that I was looking for.”


Jordann Brown Imaging

Website: jbrownimaging.com | IG: jordannbrown_imaging

”The website provider I was with before had limited template options, so when I made the switch to Pixieset I was so happy to finally find a look that reflected my brand’s identity. Pixieset team is regularly updating, adding new layouts & rolling out new features to make our experience better, which I appreciate! The Sierra template is timeless & clean which complements my interiors & architecture work beautifully.”


Alexandra Cohen

Website: alexandracohenphotography.com | IG: alexcohenphotography

”It was about 1AM Perth time when I got the email from Pixieset saying a new theme was available. As soon as I saw Sierra, I knew I had to redo my whole website, it was exactly what I was looking for to showcase my work, it was elegant, simple, elevated & timeless. So at 1AM, I was rebuilding my website & it took me less than 2 hours to have it the way I want. Pixieset website builder is just so easy and seamless, it was such a smooth process to switch & customize the theme.”


Sylvain Trevilly Photographe

Website: sylvaintrevilly-photographe.fr | IG: sylvaintrevilly

”I’ve been using Pixieset for 2 years now, and it was time to change my website template. When they launched Sierra, I immediately tried to apply it to my website. It took me one day to do it and I love it. The modules are amazing, beautiful, and easy to use. I think I'm good for the next 2 years.”


Barry Mickler Photography

Website: barrymickler.com | IG: barrymickler

”I switched my website theme to Sierra as soon as it was released! I fell in love with Sierra’s airy layout and the timeless design, it allows me to display my work like a modern gallery, with emotion and confidence!”


Olivia Atkinson Design

Website: oliviaatkinsondesign.com | IG: oliviaatkinsondesign

"I was instantly drawn to the new Sierra template design, I loved how simple and easy it was to customize into my own style”

Excited to try Sierra for your photography website?

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