25+ Must-see Pixieset websites built with advanced color options

Oh, the joy of being able to fully express yourself through your website. We know how much, as creatives, you value the opportunity to customize the smallest details on your site, to reflect your brand and personality. That’s why we were so excited to release Advanced Color options for Website, and open up tons of new, fun possibilities for Pixieset users.

It’s only been a few weeks, and we’re already seeing thousands of gorgeous websites getting more character and playfulness, through color. Below, discover some of our favorite website examples created by various photographers from around the world, using Pixieset and the new color options. From juicy background colors to punchy buttons, to elegantly highlighted words and sections - each website is a marvelous expression of the talented photographers who use Pixieset for their business. 

Oak and Fern photography website

Oak + Fern Photography

oakandfernphoto.com | Website built with Hudson Theme & Custom Palette | IG: @oakandfernphoto

“Working with the new color options in Pixieset has allowed me to customize my brand even further. I love having the option to showcase brand colors as soon as clients reach my homepage and I also love how easy they were to implement into my existing website.”

Alyson Kay Photography website

Alyson Kay Photography

alysonkayphotography.co | Website built with Edward Theme & Custom Palette | IG: @alysonkayphotography

Incorporating my color palette into my website is my new favorite feature! I love that I was able to customize every font, button, and background color to fit my style.”

Claudia Gomez Photoz Website

Claudia Gomez Photoz

claudiagomezphotoz.com | Website built with Montréal Theme & Cusco Palette | IG: @claudiagomezphotoz

”Pixieset is so user-friendly, but with the new color options, I was able to customize my website to reflect who I really am and my business. Playing with the color palette was so easy and being able to customize every detail to my liking was truly everything for me. Easy, quick, and customizable! Truly game-changing.”

Valokuvaus Nelly Website

Valokuvaus Nelly

valokuvausnelly.fi | Website built with Stanley Theme & Lollipop Palette | IG: @valokuvausnelly

Collin James Dunn website

Collin James Dunn

cjdmultimedia.com | Website built with Hudson Theme & Maritime Palette | IG: @collinjamesdunn

”I loved using the new color palettes feature to find the perfect vibe for my website! It was super intuitive to select from one of the pre-defined palettes and then fine-tune it from there to get the look I envisioned. I’d recommend giving it a try to anyone!”

Inka Photography Website

Inka Photography

inka.co.za | Website built with Edward Theme & Rust Palette | IG: @inkawinka

”When the new color options were released, I was SO excited to choose something a little more unique to my brand! I just love how it makes the warm tones in my work “pop” even more! Forever a super-fan of the incredible options Pixieset offer their clients.”

Alissa May Photography Website

Alissa May Photography

alissamayphotography.ca | Website built with Seville Theme & Botanical Palette | IG: @alissamay.photography

”The recent addition of custom color palettes on Pixieset has allowed me to re-create my website to suit my brand and show my personality! There are so many beautiful color combos, but what I really love is being able to go through their palettes, choose what stands out to me, and then customize the palette to best suit every detail.”

Souly Samantha Photo

soulysamanthaphoto.com | Website built with Montréal Theme & Botanical Palette | IG: @soulysamantha

Brittany Bear Photography Website

Brittany Bear Photography

brittanybearphotography.com | Website built with Stanley Theme & Custom Palette | IG: @brittanybearphotography

”The new color options that Pixieset is offering allow me to further brand my website with my signature colors and give my potential clients more of the "mood" that comes with my work. I just popped in the color hex codes for my brand and tweaked all of the fonts and backgrounds to match the vibe I was going for!”

Dani Captures Website

Dani Captures

danicaptures.com | Website built with Montréal Theme & Custom Palette | IG: @_danicaptures

“The new color option is a simple but powerful feature that gave my website the pizazz it needed. I feel it perfectly fits me and my brand now thanks to this awesome update from Pixieset!”

Madita Alena Photography Website

Madita Alena Photography

maditaalenaphotography.com | Website built with Montréal Theme & Outdoor Palette | IG: @maditaalenaphotography

”My name is Madita and I have my website on Pixieset since I started my photo business last year. For me as a photographer it’s so important to have the right colors and photos on my website, to show my clients what style I have. I absolutely love the advanced color options from Pixieset on my website now. Those earthy and warm colors just makes me feel warm too when I was putting them on to my site. They are fitting my pictures so well, and I am so happy about the new updates from Pixieset. Thank you!”

Erwin Henderson Photography Website

Erwin Henderson Photography

erwinhendersonphotography.com | Website built with Edward Theme & Rust Palette | IG: @erwin_henderson

”The new color palettes are a game changer! Easy to customize, with a variety of options. Couldn’t be more pleased!!”

Jesy Lee Photography Website

Jesy Lee Photography

jesyleephotography.com | Website built with Canvas Theme & Linen Palette | IG: @jesyleephotography

“Using Pixieset to create my website was a no-brainer. It’s user-friendly and has everything you could possibly need all in one place. The new color options are the perfect addition to keeping my branding cohesive throughout my website!”

Alyssa Simpson Photos Website

Alyssa Simpson Photos

alyssasimpsonphotos.com | Website built with Montréal Theme & Custom Palette | IG: @alyssasimpsonphotos

“I love having customizable color options on Pixieset! Being able to incorporate my specific brand colors has allowed me to really showcase my work in a way that is unique to me!”

Alyssa Covill Photography Website

Alyssa Covill Photography

alyssacovillphoto.com | Website built with Seville Theme & Sand Palette | IG: @alyssacovill.photo

“The new color feature provides so many ready-made color palettes that are so easy to use and apply to my photography website. It gives me freedom to fully personalize my website and match my business branding, logo, and my photography portfolio. As a creative business, it’s really important for me to represent my style and use colors effectively to help my clients envision using my services.”

Lichttanz Fotografie Website

Lichttanz Fotografie

lichttanz-fotografie.de | Website built with Montréal Theme & Custom Palette | IG: @lichttanz.fotografie

"I‘m a perfectionist concerning my branding, so as I saw the new feature that you can personalize the colors on the website I immediately had to give it a go! Now the website fits my brand so much better and make it stand out more. It‘s super easy to use and fun to play with.“

H3K Atelier Website

H3K Atelier

h3katelier.com | Website built with Seville Theme & Custom Palette | IG: @h3katelier

”As a florist and photographer, colors are the main part of my job. I customized my website with the new color options and the updated look truly complements my work while allowing my creativity to shine even more!”

Andrea Núñez Photography Website

Andrea Núñez Photography

lightcreationstudio.com | Website built with Canvas Theme & Outdoor Palette | IG: @lightcreationstudio

Neisha Breen Photography Website

Neisha Breen Photography

neishabreenphotography.com | Website built with Montréal Theme & Custom Palette | IG: @neishabreen

"I have really enjoyed yet another new feature to Pixieset, the fact that I can choose my colors for backgrounds, text, buttons, and accents just add that extra personal touch. It’s very easy to do and I change them within minutes.”

Emma Eyre Photography Website

Emma Eyre Photography

emmaeyrephotography.com.au | Website built with Canvas Theme & Faro Palette | IG: emma.eyre.photography

”With the color palettes available I was able to create the perfect tones throughout my site that feel cohesive with my brand.”

Lauren Thea Photography Website

Lauren Thea Photography

laurenthea.com | Website built with Hudson Theme & Lavender Palette | IG: @laurentheaphotography

“As a photographer, composition, and color are key. When Pixieset announced customizable color palettes, I was so excited to harmonize my website with my brand colors. It was quick and easy to navigate, as is every feature on their website builder. I absolutely love the diversity this offers! I’m so happy with the outcome!”

Kimberly Chamard Photography Website

Kimberly Chamard Photography

kimberlychamardphoto.com | Website built with Stanley Theme & Honey Palette | IG: @kimchamardphoto

”I love that Pixieset continues to add even more customizable options to their website platforms. This gives business owners and creatives exciting flexibility to represent their unique brands in new ways! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Alonzo Johnson Website

Alonzo Johnson

alonzoj.co | Website built with Hudson Theme & Comfort Gray Palette | IG: @alonzoj__

”The new color options gave me much guidance while building my website. With the background and accents complimenting one another, my photographs flowed nicely!”

Nanine Hoogeveen Fotografie Website

Nanine Hoogeveen Fotografie

naninehoogeveen.nl | Website built with Edward Theme & Rust Palette | IG: @naninehoogeveen.fotografie

Jasmyn Marie Photography Website

Jasmyn Marie Photography

jasmynmarie.com | Website built with Montréal Theme & Sydney Palette | IG: @jasmynmariephoto

”I have been using Pixieset for years and I love that I can do my own website and change it anytime, but the plus now is that I can also change the colors! I’m obsessed with the colors I can use on my entire site, and the fact that each block can also have its own theme. I’m excited to continue to explore this awesome new option!”

Rich Diaz Photo Website

Rich Diaz Photo

richdiazphoto.com | Website built with Seville Theme & Custom Palette | IG: @richdiazphoto

”I love all the love that Pixieset puts into it so that every day we can have more tools to customize our website, the color option is awesome, the predefined color palettes are fabulous, and the option to customize your own color palette is much more fabulous. I invite you to review and give your personal touch to your website, it is too easy, you will love it!”

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