15+ Inspiring photography websites built with Skye

Since its launch, Skye has been a star website theme among our users. Thanks to its minimalistic design and clean, bold layouts, Skye can powerfully showcase any portfolio type. Whether you photograph portrait and lifestyle, wedding, commercial and studio, stock, food and product, or landscapes and documentary work. It also caters to non-photographers, like floral designers and creatives specializing in the wedding and events industry.

We selected 15+ inspiring sites built with Skye theme by photographers and artists who use Pixieset. Keep scrolling for a great dose of website beauty, and click below to try Skye for your own brand.

Kirsten Taylor Pixieset Website

By Kirsten Taylor

Website: bykirstentaylor.ca | IG: bykirstentaylor

“It was so simple and fun using Pixieset to create my website. I loved that I could pull images straight from my client galleries onto the site. I chose the Skye template because I loved how simple and clean it was - it keeps my photos as the main focus.”

Joey Andres Pixieset Website

Joey Andres

Website: joeyandresphoto.com | IG: joeyandresphoto

”Pixieset has made website building amazingly easy, allowing me to focus my time on the more productive areas that will grow my business and expand my creativity. The templates actually make website building quite enjoyable and fun. If you have the portfolio and content to fit, it’ll take you no longer than 1-2 hours to set up!”

Aspen Florals Pixieset Website
Floral and page design by Aspen Florals Co, and Photography credits by Jacek Hübner

Aspen Florals

Website: aspenflorals.co | IG: aspen.florals

"I work as a floral designer and environmental artist so communicating visually what I do to my clients is key. Running a website that can showcase your work and what you offer whilst converting viewers to clients is a finely tuned instrument. It’s not just about showcasing a beautiful gallery, it’s about running a business too and connecting efficiently with your dream clients and to me it was pretty clear that Pixieset had it all and was offering it to creatives to jump in and have fun with."

Emilee May Pixieset Website

Emilee May Photography

Website: emileemayphoto.com | IG: emileebeausoleil

”From day one, Pixieset has been so easy to use and user friendly, not only with their client gallery but also when I decided to upgrade and use the website feature. I’ve used so many beautiful templates from Pixieset, but when I saw Skye I knew it was exactly what I was looking for to represent my brand! Switching over to the new template was so easy. I love Pixieset!”

Mateo Soto Pixieset Website

Mateo Soto

Website: mateosoto.co | IG: mateosotoph

”I have been using Pixieset for approximately five years now, being this my main tool for work. Pixieset helps me to be able to share my work as a gallery web for my clients. Here they can choose their favorite pictures, the ones they want me to process, and also they have the choice of downloading the work. It is a tool that allows me to make my work exposed on my web page, that is designed in a way that’s easy to use and modify templates like Skye.”

Simon Awere Photography Pixieset Website

Simon Awere Photography

Website: simonawerephotography.co.uk | IG: simonawere.photography

”Choosing Pixieset was the easiest decision for me as a photographer because I get to have all my work process in one place, from bookings to client gallery delivery. The website themes are a dream, I get to choose and personalize any of them to suit my style of photography!”

Sam Ranaud Photo Pixieset Website

Sam Renaud Photo

Website: samrenaudphoto.com | IG: samrenaudphoto

Helin Food Photography Pixieset Website

Helin Food Photography

Website: helinfoodphotography.co.uk | IG: helinfoodphotography

”As a creative and business owner, I have so many tasks to tackle each week and Pixieset has made my admin so much easier, not just for myself but also for my clients. I love the functionality of the site and how everything just looks so professional. Pixieset has really changed the way I operate my business today as a commercial food and beverage photographer.”

Osorio-Duque Photography Pixieset Website

Osorio-Duque Photography

Website: od-photography.com | IG: odphotography_

”Skye was so easy to set up, I just happen to be remaking my entire website that day when I saw the new Skye theme pop up. I viewed the demo and immediately loved it, I had to try it. I love the versatility of it, from being able to change your pictures to changing the color of each block to match your style. The flow of it makes it so easy for clients to find information about you, investments and then give them the option to book. I also set up the new booking site that Pixieset came out with and integrated it into my website. Within 3 days, I already booked 2 consultation calls! The booking site saves so much back and forth and is straightforward with when you’re available. Couples love to have the power and the ease to book directly instead of waiting on an email reply. I absolutely love Pixieset for constantly improving and making everything user-friendly.”

Johanna Lotvonen Pixieset Website

Johanna Lotvonen

Website: johannalotvonen.fi | IG: johannalotvonen

Alexandra Velasco Photography Pixieset Website

Alexandra Velasco Photography

Website: alexandravelascophotography.com | IG: alexandravelascophotography

”I absolutely love all of the website layouts by Pixieset and how I can easily change things when needed. The Skye layout truly represents my photography business as a whole while also being user-friendly for my clients. Pixieset has changed the game for my business!”

Kusjka du Plessis Pixieset Website

Kusjka du Plessis

Website: kdp.photography | IG: kusjkaduplessis

”Pixieset is the most intuitive, cleanest website builder I’ve ever used. I started out with a template I wasn’t quite sure about but the moment they released Skye it felt like it was made especially for me. It took me one single day to complete it and make it my own. That’s how easy it is to navigate and understand.”

Anastasia Sokyrka Photography Pixieset Website

Anastasia Sokyrka Photography

Website: anastasiasokyrka.com | IG: asokirka

”Since I found Pixieset, my photography business has been so enjoyable! With its Website and Client Gallery features, Pixieset helps the customer experience for my clients be more visual and inspiring. This month, I amended my website with a new Skye theme - and I love how it highlights my portfolio!”

Sierra Greene Photography Pixieset Website

Sierra Greene Photography

Website: sierragreenephotography.com | IG: sierragreene_photography

“I started my photography business over a year ago. Being new to this business I was looking for something that was user-friendly and cost-effective. Pixieset has been the platform that I used since day one. It’s great for the beginner all the way to experienced photographers. As soon as the new website Skye was available I knew I wanted to use it to help build my page. Skye offers simple and elegant visuals that allow me to showcase my work. I am so grateful to Pixieset for making website building not only easy but also beautiful.”

Light on Photography Pixieset Website

Light On Photography

Website: lightonphotography.com | IG: light__on__photography

”With my business, I have been through several website formats and Pixieset/Skye has proven to be the best fit for my business. My goal as a photographer is modern and minimalistic and Pixieset/Skye provides that perfectly. I love the simplicity and easy navigation, clean design, and unnecessary fuss. In the time I've been utilizing Pixieset my website traffic has shown a great increase. I'm very pleased.”

Rose Overstreet Photography Pixieset Website

Rosie Overstreet Photography

Website: rosieoverstreetphotography.com | IG: rosieoverstreetphoto

”Pixieset has made my website experience for my photography business SO easy and effortless. I tried creating my own site from scratch with another platform just trying to save some money, but in the end, Pixieset is 100% worth the investment. And then the Skye template launched, and I feel like it put the WOW into my website — it makes it feel personalized and unique!”

These examples are solid proof of Skye’s versatility - anyone can easily achieve an impactful online look! Are you curious to try Skye theme for your portfolio website? Get started for free. Sign up at pixieset.com and follow these simple steps on how to create your first photography website. For more website inspiration check out this article.

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