2021 Year in review

2021, what a year.. Sure, we’re still far away from the normality we all crave, we’re still navigating through challenges and limitations that were thrown at us last year, but we’re stronger, we’re wiser and we’re more determined to win at it. It’s unbelievable that despite everything, so many great things happened this year. We’re amazed at our creative photography community, the dedication, the grit and care with which you continue creating beauty in this world and helping families discover joy and connection. Your art is irreplaceable.

When you commit to serving a brilliant, inspiring community - naturally, you’re compelled to raise the bar for your own work. And so we did. 2021 was by far, one of the most interesting and transformative years, here at Pixieset. And you know what, we’re just getting started!

Pixieset Is More Powerful

Let’s take a quick tour down memory lane, to remember what 2021 brought for Pixieset clients:

Studio Manager

Our new business app designed to help photographers enhance client onboarding, manage contracts with ease, collect payments and feedback faster. With Studio Manager you can create and send branded contracts, invoices and questionnaires.

GIF and PNG Support

More fun ways to share, sell and showcase your work online. We’ve introduced gif and png support for Client Gallery, Website, Store, and Mobile Gallery App.

New font options for Website

A fully rebuilt typography engine with over 1000 unique font families, to offer Pixieset Website users an easy and stylish way to personalize their online presentation. Learn more.

Hudson theme

An immersive, edge-to-edge website design, created for photographers who want a bold, impactful online portfolio. Learn more here.

Spacing options & improved design tab for Website

A refreshed interface for the Website design tab, with 6 new categories and styling options, from page width and block padding, to new button styles, and an enhanced interface for colors and navigation.

Site-wide animations

A more compelling and lively way of presenting your work and brand online. Your images and text will fade in, scale up, slide in or appear through other types of effects - grabbing your viewer's full attention, as they scroll through your site. Learn more.

We grew...a lot

Our team also went through quite a transformation in 2021. We grew from a team based in Canada, to a global team of 100+ after welcoming Flothemes to Pixieset family. Today, our clients are served by team members working across 3 continents, determined to bring even more innovation and opportunities to Pixieset users.

2021 in Numbers

As we’re wrapping up the year, getting ready to unplug our laptops and spend some quality time with our loved ones, we can’t help but reminisce on the incredible accomplishments, the big and little wins that our clients reached in 2021. Let’s take a look at some numbers:

Millions of memories delivered

In 2021 alone, photographers using Pixieset Client Gallery delivered millions of photo galleries for their clients. That’s billions of photos filled with memories and important life moments, as well as millions of people, and their families, who will cherish and hold on to these photos for decades. 

Going Digital 

Now more than ever, it's important to run your business online. Studio Manager allowed our users to have contracts signed online from any where and on any device, and collect payments faster online. Though it’s only been 2 months since its launch, we are already seeing thousands of contracts and invoices sent every day

Making a difference globally

Photographers from over 200 countries all around the world, use Pixieset to improve their workflow, serve their customers in new, better ways, and build strong online presentation. Our tools are at the heart of your business, from the moment a client discovers your brand online, to the point they sign a contract, pay an invoice, and get their gallery delivered - and we take this responsibility seriously.

Supporting you

You had a busy year, and thankfully, you weren’t alone to get through it. Our customer support team are the ones helping you navigate any questions or hiccups, so you get to enjoy working with your Pixieset tools. In 2021 we’ve resolved over 43,000 support inquiries, while achieve 96.7% happiness rate among customers who reached out.

What’s Coming in 2022

Finding the right tools that support your business workflow, simplify your process and help you build meaningful relationships with your clients - plays an important part in how your business grows.

We have an exciting roadmap for 2022, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store. But for now, we wish everyone a safe and warm holiday season. Relax, rest, unplug, enjoy good food and the company of your loved ones!

Happy Holidays from Pixieset Team!

PS: We are closed from December 25th, 2021 to January 3rd, 2022, so that our team can spend time with their loved ones during the holidays and recharge. We will be back, refreshed and ready to rock the new year. Our limited support staff will still be available to help with urgent issues, if you do reach out during this time, we appreciate your patience.

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